Finance, Advocacy & Policy 

The purpose of this subcommittee is to create and sustain bursaries, grants, and scholarships which are already in existence at NUI Galway, along with applying for further funding towards increased levels of practical support for Irish Travellers, IPAs, and refugees seeking access to higher education. Ensuring that all university policies include both groups, and to advocate for the inclusion of asylum and Traveller-specific topics across the university’s curricula.  

Events, Training, Outreach and Communications

This subcommittee organises guest speaker events and public awareness workshops on campus, while developing links between local and regional NGOs, charities, governmental agencies, advocacy groups, interfaith groups, and so forth.  It collaborates with staff and students to encourage research pertaining to Irish Travellers, IPAs, refugees and other vulnerable migrants.  It also looks at the development of  internal and external communications. It is responsible for ensuring that the website and other social media platforms are regularly updated, and that information provided by the steering committee is pertinent and current. This is achieved by connecting with each subcommittee to highlight upcoming events and policies, etc. 

Community & Corporate Sector Links

This subcommittee addresses the need for more employment opportunities for migrant and Irish Traveller scholars accessing NUI Galway. The aim of this subcommittee is to develop, build and sustain links within Galway’s business, community and corporate sectors, and to promote the ethos of our Community of Sanctuary initiative. The members of this subcommittee are looking at new initiatives and pilot projects to promote a more inclusive and diverse employment sector across Galway city and county.