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 Course Information for all years 2021/22 will be available shortly.


2020/21 Course Information

All Undergraduate Chemistry lectures years 1,2,3,4 will be online and recorded. In general we will try to keep delivery of the material as close as possible to the timetable that we use in a normal year. Timetables are available and are subject to change at
This will make sure everyone knows what pace they should be working at.
In some cases lectures will be recorded live. If you can't make the live lecture, it will be recorded and made available to students. In many courses, especially in first year, your study will be enhanced by online assignments
Chemistry practical content will largely be face to face as normal with some simulated or computer based practicals. When students have registered, your Course Director will let you know in due course, what day you will have your Chemistry practical on campus. As in any normal year we cannot allocate days until we have full data on how many students we have in each class which will be close to the start of term.
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1st Year Chemistry Course Information 2020/21

CH101 Course Information 2020/21

2nd Year Booklet 2021-2022

3rd Year Booklet BS 2020/21

3rd Year Booklet BPC 2020/21

3rd year 2019-20 Med Chem booklet

 For any Chemistry queries, please contact Karen Kelly 091 492460 room 240 or Judy Buckley 091492459 room 244 or check out our Facebook page  and/or Twitter


You can access past exam papers here