B.Sc. in Chemistry



The Bachelor of Science degree (GY301)Bachelor of Science Degree (7.0 Mb) is a four year programme that allows you to take a variety of subjects in the general scientific field before deciding to specialise in one scientific area for your four-year honours degree. 

The School of Chemistry offers a modern programme in Chemistry which is accredited internationally by the Royal Society of Chemistry for students for whom Chemistry is the chosen path. 

Please check the College of Science Undergraduate Science Course Website for further information on careers and more. 

Are you thinking about your future?
Are you thinking about possible careers after University?
Here are some reasons why you should consider chemistry.

The employment prospects for chemistry graduates are good. Chemistry is a fundamental science which can be applied to the solution of many of today’s problems and to the development of new products for the future.

In NUI, Galway the entry to a chemistry degree is through GY301 on the CAO form

The major areas of employment for chemistry graduates in Ireland are
Production & Research, Pharmaceuticals and Synthesis, Polymers and Materials and Specialty Chemicals (Chemists often move into managment and administration).
State/Government Sector:
Forensic Laboratory, State Laboratory, Customs & Excise, Regional & Co. Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, General Civil Service
Third Level Teaching & Research, Second Level School Teaching (including Gen. Science), Primary School Teaching (Chemistry Graduates can join teacher training with degree recognition).
About 17,000 people are employed in the chemical industry in Ireland. Most of the graduates employed by the chemical industry are chemists. 

Forensic science is a popular choice for leaving cert. students and chemistry is a primary route to employment as a forensic scientist.  

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