Research Groups

Environmental Science 

Prof. Mike Gormally

Bacterial Stress Response Group

Prof. Conor O’Byrne

Microbial Communities 

Dr. Gavin Collins 

Microbial Ecology Laboratory

Prof. Vincent O'Flaherty

Microbial Oceanography Research Unit

Dr. Gerard T. A. Fleming

Pathogenic Mechanisms Group

Dr. Aoife Boyd

Recombinant Proteins Group

Prof. Gerard Wall

Molecular Diagnostics Research Group

Dr. Tom Barry 

Innovative Energy Technologies for Biofuels, Bioenergy and a Sustainable Irish Bioeconomy

Prof. Piet N. L. Lens

Infectious Disease Microbiology

Prof. James P. O'Gara

Functional Environmental Microbiology Group 

Dr. Florence Abram

Carbohydrate Signalling Group

Dr. Michelle Kilcoyne

Microbial Ecosystem Services Laboratory

Dr. Alex de Menezes


Enteric Pathogen Research Laboratory 

Dr. Cyril Carroll


Former Members of Microbiology Staff

Molecular Biochemistry Laboratory - (the late Professor Anthony P. Moran) 

Cytogenetics Unit - Director: Professor James A. Houghton (retired) 

 Environmental Research Unit  - (the late Professor Emer Colleran) 

 EU Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing & Fish Disease Group - Director: Professor Peter Smith (retired) 

 Marine Microbiology Group - Director: Professor John W. Patching (retired) 

 Recombinant DNA Group - (the late Dr Richard Powell)