Welcome to the Cell EXPLORERS research group

Cell Explorers

The Cell EXPLORERS research group investigates the learning and teaching of informal science, particularly modern biology, using methods drawn from discipline based education research, the learning sciences, and science education.

The group applies evidence from research to develop ways to improve design and assessment of informal science programs, as well as the impact these programs can have on the children, the university students that volunteer in it, and the participant institutions.

In recent years the work of this group has concentrated research on children’s perception about science and scientist, university students and higher education institutions’ perception about informal science, and ways to make this and other research available to others.

Further efforts have involved the development of learning materials and the training and support of university students, staff, and faculty members on best practices for informal science. Note that informal science is often referred as public engagement or outreach. 

The research group activity is linked to the Cell EXPLORERS programme.

The Cell EXPLORERS programme, established by Dr. Muriel Grenon and students in 2012, disseminates hands on biology activities to young people and their family. It is based on the volunteering of Students and staff from university. The programme has expanded nationally to ten teams located in Higher Education institutions. For more information about what we do, refer to the Cell EXPLORERS website (www.cellexplorers.com).

The Cell EXPLORERS group headed by Dr Muriel Grenon currently includes Dr Claudia Fracchiolla, post-doctoral researcher in Informal Science Education, Sarah Carroll, PhD student and Dr Martina Wernecke, technical officer.


Cell EXPLORERS is funded by Science Foundation Ireland under its Discover Programme, NUI Galway and the NUI Galway foundation.