Thursday, 28 May 2020

PhysiGIST 2020

The School of Physics is proud to host our first annual PhysiGIST on Thursday, May 28th. PhysiGIST, is a virtual seminar day during which all PhD or Masters students present the "gist" of their research to our community to compete for prizes! 

PhysiGIST 2020"GIST: the most important pieces of information about something......; a quick summary of the essentials..."

This virtual seminar day  enables research students to experience presenting their work to a friendly community and get feedback, in the absence of many cancelled opportunities due to Covid-19. The audience will vote on each presentation performance and quality. The winners will be announced on the day.

The seminar will be hosted on Microsoft Teams,  and will start slightly in advance of 9.30 Irish Summer Time (Greenwich Mean Time + 1 hour).

Entry links to the symposium sessions will be sent around prior to the day. Details of the schedule of talks can be found at the following link: PhysiGIST2020 Schedule

Location: Microsoft Teams    
Time: 9.30am

School of Physics Seminar Series

The School of Physics Seminars are usually held @1pm on Mondays in AS203 (formerly Seminar Room 203, Old Moore Institute), Arts/Science Building. Further information can be found here.