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Prof. Olivier Thomas Head of School 3565 Head of School Room C212 1st Floor, Arts/Science

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Administrative Staff

Karen Kelly School Administrator 2460 karen.kelly Room C240, 1st Floor, Arts/Science
Judy Buckley Admin Assistant 2459 judy.buckley Room C244, 1st Floor, Arts/Science

Technical Staff

Dermot McGrath Chief Technical Officer 2454 dermot.mcgrath Room C132A, Ground Floor, Arts/Science
Dr. Roisin Doohan Senior Techical Officer 2470 roisin.doohan Room C116, Ground Floor, Arts/Science
Ger Fahy Senior Technical Officer 2472 gerard.fahy Room C118, Ground Floor, Arts/Science
James O'Donoghue Technical Officer 2486 james.odonoghue Room C136, Ground Floor, Arts/Science
Gerard Reilly Senior Technical Officer 2466 gerard.reilly Room C158, Ground Floor, Arts/Science
Marian Vignoles Senior Technical Officer 2467 marian.vignoles Room C156, Ground Floor, Arts/Science

Adjunct Staff

Prof. Michael Kennedy   
Prof. Dennis Smith Room C243, First Floor, Arts/Science
Prof. J.F. Rusling University of Connecticut
Dr. Paul Kavanagh Queens University, Belfast
Dr. Maria Luisa Ferrer CSIC Madrid
Prof. Fawaz Aldabbagh Kingston University, London

Emeritus Staff

Dr. Niall Geraghty   niall.geraghty Room C243, 1st Floor, Arts/Science
Prof. Michael Hynes 2488 micheal.hynes Room C243, 1st Floor, Arts/Science
Prof. Patrick McArdle 2487 patrick.mcardle Room C139, Ground Floor, Arts/Science
Prof. Breandan O'Cochlain   breandan.ocochlain  
Prof. Angela Savage   angela.savage  
Prof. John Simmie 2451 john.simmie Room 216, 1st Floor, Arts/Science
Prof. William J. Spillane 2475 william.spillane Room C243, 1st Floor, Arts/Science


Staff in the School of Chemistry

Head of School

Prof. Olivier Thomas Ext: 3563 Head of School

Room 212, Arts/Science Building.

Academic Staff and Researchers

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