The Research Seminars are held at 1pm on Tuesdays, unless otherwise indicated. The seminars are to be held remotely this year.  

A range of national and international speakers have been invited and will present talks on a wide range of topics as outlined in the schedule below. Precise details will be publicised closer to the scheduled dates.

Seminar Dates




 Oct 13 2020

 Ingrid Tessmer

 U. Wuerzburg

Alkyltransferase-like protein clusters scan DNA rapidly over long distances and recruit Nucleotide Excision Repair to alkyl-DNA lesions   

 Oct 27 2020

Kumar Somyajit 

U. Copenhagen

Dynamic coupling between metabolic signalling and DNA replication





 Nov 10 2020

Jordi Solana

Oxford Brooks

Using single-cell analysis and planarians to study stem cells, their differentiation and their evolution

 Nov 17 2020

 Yukiko Yamashita


Function of junk: satellite DNA in Drosophila spermatogenesis

 Nov 24 2020

Julian Sale

 MRC LMB Cambridge

Sequences that stall replication

 Dec 1 2020

 Elsa Logarinho

i3S/ IBMC Porto

Inhibition of age-associated genomic instability: emerging strategy to delay cellular senescence and aging

 Dec 8 2020

Tom McWilliams

U. Helsinki

Regulation of mammalian mitochondrial destruction by mitophagy





 Feb 9 2021

 Titia Sixma

 NKI Amsterdam

 Stepping through DNA mismatch repair initiation

Feb 16 2021

Simona Polo


Ubiquitin HECT E3 ligases: A tale with multiple facets

Feb 23 2021

Mark van Breugel


The centriolar CEP164-TTBK2 complex in health and in disease

Mar 2 2021

Kok-Lung Chan


The importance of replication machinery control for mitotic chromosome stability





 Mar 23 2021- NB seminar at 11:00

 Suliana Manley


 Superresolution microscopy reveals organelle organization and dynamics