The National Centre for Security Research, NUI Galway is at the frontier of security research. The Centre brings together a unique blend of academic leaders and practitioners in the field of global security and crisis management. Our mission is to enable the development of more secure and resilient societies through the provision of high quality research, education, training and consultancy.

Staff at The Centre apply rigorous academic thought to practical issues across four focused areas:

  • Engineering and Information and Communication Technologies
  • Conflict and Terrorism
  • Human Rights and Law
  • Biological Threats

Our research is highly regarded internationally and our academics are called upon to undertake progressive research projects and to provide impartial, expert advice on their subjects. Our research influences and informs the global defence and security sector and we have had considerable success in winning research funding awards in Horizon 2020, FP7, the European Defence Agency, Enterprise Ireland, and the Irish Research Council.

For more details of the bespoke research and collaboration opportunities, please check out our website or contact our staff in The Centre directly.

Kiran Sarma
Director - National Centre for Security Research, NUI Galway