“Students’ organisational skills and the ability to get things right have to be developed, and the way we do that, is by insisting on attention to detail.” (Dr Phillip J Smyth, Head of College )

The ethos of the Shannon College can be described as the inculcation of exceptional standards of professional presentation, courtesy, attitude and discipline. This ethos actively prepares students for the hotel workplace by promoting customer care, attention to detail, full attendance, adherence to a professional dress code, courtesy, the meeting of deadlines, leadership roles and posts of responsibility and team work.

The ethos of Shannon College results in a rich and unique education experience for students which includes a college suit for all students and a Code of Discipline.

College Suit: 

Shannon College students are easily identified by their college suits which they wear to classes each day. The business suit helps to prepare students for the responsibility of appearance and grooming that is expected of a hotel manager.

Code of Discipline: 

Students will sign a Code of Discipline upon enrollment in Shannon College. The Code of Discipline is based on what would be expected of a young manager in a well-run hotel and asks students to respect the core values of Shannon College (e.g. attendance, punctuality, honesty).