Olivia Campbell |   Supervisor - Al Mare Restaurant at The Carlton Tower Jumeira

The mix of business and practical modules develops your soft skills, and the qualification of the level 8 business degree allows you to delve into so many different career paths later in life. It truly rounds you as a professional in the industry. Shannon also gave me an incredible circle of lifelong friends and opened the doors to a wider network of Shannon alumni all over the globe. For me, Shannon is much more than just a college, it’s a family. Shannon allowed me to be me and being someone with learning difficulties such as dyslexia I never thought I could achieve what I have achieved today. The tremendous number of services and support along with a very open approach to learning has pushed me to achieve my best. Shannon embraces every student and their uniqueness, bringing out the best in all of us.
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Katie Raeburn |   Customer Success - Shackle

I, like many others, had no idea what I wanted to do after school. I found Shannon through a family friend, and alumni, who inspired my decision through sharing fond memories. At first I was daunted by the idea of a small college, while all of my friends were attending big colleges in Dublin. But, two years and a global pandemic later, I can confidently say that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Not only have I gained invaluable international experience and professionalism, but I have also had the opportunity to learn from some of the industry's best leaders, in some of the best hotels in the world. In addition, I have grown a global network and made lifelong friends and memories.
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Neal Fennelly |   Director of Housekeeping Lyrath Estate

My time in Shannon was incredible and lifelong friends have been created between students and lecturers. The campus life was terrific fun and the various events throughout the year are always a big highlight for students. Shannon College has given me opportunities to have positions in some of the world's leading hotels such as 'Adare Manor' and 'The Mandarin Oriental', Hyde Park, London. Having graduated into the cusp of the pandemic, Shannon College Alumni offered fantastic guidance and support to myself and students which has now led me to my current position as The Director of Housekeeping at the renowned 5-star Lyrath Estate.
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Victoria Zhang |   Student - BBS ( International Hotel Management)

Shannon provides international students with a new perspective on the world. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and there are many teachers from all over the world who understand how you feel and can lend a hand when you need it. What my four years here have taught me is to relax and take the pressure off of myself. During my years here I started to find confidence and realised that who we want to be is more important than who we need to be.

Margaret Clapham |   Founder & Director Sales Growth

I have always valued upskilling and lifelong learning. When I looked into the options for completing a Master's programme, the structure and modules at Shannon College provided diversity which apply to all business sectors. The programme leader, lecturers and supports such as the librarians have been exceptionally helpful, supporting in the completion of online lecturers and assignments for the first semester. The college without doubt leads with their understanding and knowledge of the industry and balances this with the student needs. Shannon College provides a rich learning experience which is valuable to an industry encountering considerable change.
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Paul Gallagher |   Tourism Recovery Oversight group

I cannot recommend highly enough the benefits of doing the MSc in Business and Hospitality through Shannon College of Hotel Management and NUI Galway. The course is nicely balanced and expertly delivered by senior academic lectures and external industry practitioners, this blend offers a rich learning experience. The diverse mix of masters students further enriches the learning with ample time given to sharing experiences and personal insights. This course is very doable whilst working full time.
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