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1. Right to Defence

2. Corporate Social Responsibility


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Dialogue Seminar:

Right to Defence, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Beijing, 28-29 June 2004

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Agenda [one file with both English and Chinese versions]  
List of Participants

Right to Defence

Lauri Malksoo, "Transition in the Field of Criminal Law and the Right to Defence: A View From Estonia"    
Marcela Rodriguez-Farelly, "The Right to Legal Aid: Securing Access to Justice for All"  
Marco Pedrazzi, "The right to defence in pre-trial procedures under the Covenant and under the European Convention"  
Michael Farell, "The Provision of Criminal Legal Aid"  
Nils Uildriks, "Increasing Human Rights Protection in the Police Investigation Process"  
Olivier de Frouville, "Les droits de la défense: Le Pacte international relatif aux droits civils et politiques"  
Péter Kovács, "The Function of the Defence and the Death Penalty"    
Veronique Joosten, "International human rights standards for the right to defence from a European perspective"
Ji Xiangde, "An Observation of Criminal Defense in China"  
Wang Jiancheng/ Yang Xiong: "Reflection on the Relationship between Defense Counsel and Parties"  
Wang Minyuan, "Legal Aid for Criminal Cases and Responsibilities of Defenders"  
Xiong Qiuhong, "Lawyer Defence in the Pre-Trial Proceedings"  
Xu LanTing, "Existing Problems and Strategy of the Criminal Defence in China"  
Zhang Jianwei, "Substantial Trial and the Independence of Lawyer's Defense"  
Working Paper: "Right to Defence"

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ann-Mari Fröberg, "Positive rights: Economic, social and cultural rights and development"  
Daniel Aguirre, "Multinational Corporations and the Realisation of Economic and Social Rights"  
Dennis Driscoll, "The Positive Role of Corporate Social Responsibility: Notes on the Business Case"  
Earl V. Brown, "Corporate Social Responsibility And Labour Rights: An International Labor Lawyer's Perspective"  
Jodi Hébert/ Christina Schulz, "The Human Rights & Business Project and the Consultation Process"  
Karin Lukas, "From Code To Compliance - A Few Remarks On CSR Monitoring And Implementation With A Special Focus On Labour Rights"  
Pablo Zapatero, "Corporate Responsibility: Filling the Gaps in International Law"  
Thomas E. Sorell, "Business and Human Rights"  
William A. Schabas, "War Economies, Economic Actors and International Criminal Law"  
Chang Kai, "On Legal Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility"  
Liu Junhai, "Philosophy and Approaches to Strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility in China"  
Xu Hui, "Corporations, Human Rights and Public Interest Litigation: to Establish an Institutional Baseline Order"  
Zhang Shiyuan/ Li Dan Ning, "Reflections on Some Basic Theories of Corporate Social Responsibility"  
Zhang Wenguang, "Corporate Social Responsibilities and Public Interests Litigation"  
Working Paper: "Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights"  
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