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2. Right to Health


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Dialogue Seminar:

Ratification and Implementation of the ICCPR, and Right to Health

The Hague, 8-9 November 2004

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List of Participants

working group 1:   ICCPR

Angelika Siehr, "State practice with respect to derogations"  
Anna Natalia Schulz, "Reservations to the ICCPR - the HRC and the ILC - comparative analysis"  
Kevin Boyle, "Derogation Mechanisms: ICCPR and ECHR Compared"  
Marco Pedrazzi, "Non-derogability of judicial guarantees: the American Convention and the Covenant"  
Martin Scheinin, "Reservations to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Its Optional Protocols - Reflections on State Practice" (presented by Miko Lempinen)  
Miles Hogan, "What impact do reservations and derogations have on the development of the provisions of the ICCPR into customary international law?"  
Olivier de Frouville, "Practice by States in regard to reservations and declarations"
William A. Schabas, "Reservations to the ICCPR and Customary International Law" (Draft)    
Fang Xiang, "The Derogation in Time of Public Emergency"  
He Zhipeng, "The Derogation of Human Rights: Reasons, Purposes and Limits"  
Sun Shiyan, "Derogations and Reservations to International Human Rights Treaties"  
Teng Wei, "On the Application of ne bis in idem"  
Yu Shaoxiang, "Implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Restriction and Derogation"  
Zhang Shaoyan, "Contradiction and Conflicts: Derogation from and Restriction on the Clauses of Derogation and Restriction of the Covenant"  
Zhao Haifeng, "The Discrepancy on the Reservation to Human Rights Treaties between Human Rights Committee and International Law Commission"  
Zhao Xuegang, "Right to Life and the Controversy on Reservation/Abolition of Death Penalty"  
Working Paper: Edel Hughes, "Implementation of the ICCPR: Restrictions and Derogations"

working group 2:   Right to Health

Andre Pereira, "Stigma and discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS in the workplace, in health care facilities, in accessing treatment, and in society: Topics for discussion"  
Appendix: Recommendation No R(89)14 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe    
Desislava Stoitchikova, Report: "Assessing the impact of parallel reporting on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health"    
Ernst Buning, "Aids and drugs: examples of best practice"  
J. Bueno de Mesquita, "The Right to Health in International Human Rights Law: From normative elaboration to implementation"  
James Welsh, "HIV/AIDS: stigma, discrimination and human rights"  
Joshua Castellino, "Legal Obligations towards Children Affected by HIV/AIDS"  
Madeleen Wegelen, Fact Sheet 7: "Human Rights and HIV"  
Madeleen Wegelen, Fact Sheet 15: "Stigma and Discrimination"  
Pablo Zapatero, "Right to Health in International Economy"  
Chen Jingliang, "Brief Comment on Right to Health in China"  
Han Lei, "Legal Protection of Children in AIDS Families in China"  
Huang Dongli, "The State Responsibility for Safeguarding the Right to Health of AIDS Orphans"  
Kang Junxin, "For Children's Future: Discussion about Legal Obligations of States to AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children from a Human Rights Perspective"  
Li Dun, "AIDS and Human Rights: Problems in Development and China in Transformation"  
Liu Hainian, "Prevention and Treatment of AIDS, Protection of Human Rights"  
Long Yifei, "The Government's Legal Obligations for the Minors Whose Parents Have Died of AIDS or Are Suffering from the Disease"  
Lu Yanbin, "The Right to Health and the Role of Medical Professionals"  
Yu Dongbao, "Promote the Realization of AIDS' Essential Right to Health: Practice and Challenges of Chinese Government"  
Zhang Mingjie, "The Responsibility and Role of the Government in Controlling AIDS"  
Zhang Xu, "Right to Health vs Patent - From the Human Rights Perspective"  
Working Paper: "The Right to Health"  
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