Dudley Practice Area

The Dudley Practice Area (DPA) is the Clinical Skills Simulation Resource Centre of the School of Nursing and Health Studies at St. Angela’s College. The state-of-the art centre facilitates and enhances the clinical skills development of nursing and healthcare students/professionals, in a supportive and safe environment in a realistic setting.

The Dudley Practice Area (DPA) constitutes several rooms that are designed and equipped for students to learn clinical, technical and interpersonal skills across a wide range of topics and disciplines related to both general and intellectual disability nurse training.

The DPA comprises of:

  • Two, fully equipped three-bedded wards
  • Computer programmed Simulation mannequin, Vital Sim (Nursing Annie) Mannequins x 2, Geri-mannequins x 2, Care Mannequins x 2 all of which are used for simulated scenario participation/managment and skills training
  • Fully equipped nursing station
  • Clean utility room with all facilities
  • Fully equipped bathroom suite suitable for care of the disabled person
  • One bedroomed flat with fully equipped kitchen and sitting area and a bathroom suite suitable for care of the disabled person
  • One therapy room/general purpose room which is used to facilitation interpersonal skills such as communication, case studies and reviews, tutorials small group seminars and teaching etc.
  • Store Room
  • Task training equipment and teaching aids

Audio Visual Resources

  • Eight integrated overhead video cameras located throughout the ward and flat areas, facilitate the remote video recording of clinical skills practice/assessment, care scenarios participation/performance, task development/assessment and interpersonal skills practice/assessment.
  • Self-videoing facilities are also available which enable students to video their own performance in skill development and care scenario participation, for self and peer review.
  • All students have access to a wide range of pre-recorded skills videos relevant to the fundamental skills curriculum for undergraduate general and intellectual disability nursing students, on the e-learning platform 

Student Support Service

The Dudley Practice Area (DPA) is the clinical skills simulation resource centre based in Áras Michael (lower level), it welcomes students who wish to build on their skills, enhance their confidence and focus on key areas at their own pace in a friendly and comfortable setting.

Additional supports are available to all BNSc and postgraduate students, following their skills classes, so they can develop their practical healthcare skills, preparing them for their practical OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exams), but also for their practice/work placement as Healthcare Professionals.

In 2019, the DPA facilitated almost 2000 student visits outside of their timetabled hours and even throughout the pandemic the DPA continued to safely support students’ practice, while following national guidelines.

Our friendly staff can assist with individual Learning Education Needs Summary (LENS) reports and can offer helpful advice and guidance to those who wish to avail of extra support.

The DPA can be booked for practice sessions through the online booking system available on 

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  • Patient Care
  • Community Setting - Bedroom
  • Practice Lab 1
  • Anatomical Models
  • Play Therapy
  • Through different eyes