Guest Lecturer (Speaker) or Part-time Lecturer

The College has two distinct categories for lecturers who are visiting the College on a temporary basis and are not full-time staff members:
Guest Lecturer
Someone who is giving once-off lectures; usually making a maximum of 3 visits to the College in any given tax year or lecturing up to 10 hours in any tax year.
Part-time Lecturer Someone who is giving a series of lecturers; usually making more than 3 visits to the College in any given tax year or lecturing more than 10 hours in any tax year.

If there is any doubt as to what category you may fall under, kindly discuss this with the Department you are working with and Finance are available to consult on a case-by-case basis. 
Please note that we are governed by strict Revenue guidelines relating to this issue.

FAQ's for Part-time Lecturer / Guest Lecturer (Speaker)

Where is Finance/Payroll Office?

The Finance/Payroll Office is located on the top floor of Áras Malachy.
Office hours are 9.00am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

I am a Part-time Guest Lecturer / Guest Lecturer (Speaker) and have completed various hours for the College, how do I get paid?

  • Complete a Monthly Timesheet
  • Once the timesheet is complete, please send back to the secretary within your department by the 10th of the month, it will be authorised and sent onto the payroll department for processing.
  • The timesheet must be received by payroll by the 15th of the month, in order to be paid on the last working day of the month.
  • Timesheets must be submitted for processing within 3 months of the work being done otherwise they will be liable for a discounted payment.

What do I need on commencement of employment with St. Angela’s College?

  • You must complete a New Employee Form and PRD10 Form
  • You must Register your Employment in St. Angela’s College with Revenue using your MY Account on ROS. 
    St. Angela’s College Registered Number 9671833A.

When are the Monthly Salary Payments made?

Monthly Salary Payments are made on the last working day of each month (if it falls at the weekend, the payment will be made on the Friday) by direct debit into your bank account.

What if my bank details change?

Please ensure you notify the Payroll Department in a timely manner to ensure that details can be changed. This also applies to other deductions from your salary and it is the individual staff member’s responsibility to ensure that the information given to the Payroll Department is current at all times.  Download the New Bank Details Form

Will my payslip be posted to my home address?

If you receive an email address when you commence employment, your payslip will be emailed to it otherwise it will be emailed to the email address you provided. The payslip sent will be encrypted with a password, which is your PPS number.

My query is not addressed in the above information.

For any payroll related queries, please contact Payroll by email 
and for Pensions