General Information

Exams are held in winter (December) and summer (April/May) depending on your course of study, and autumn (August) for repeats and deferrals. Students should check with lecturers what proportion of marks is assigned to written examinations and course work. This may vary from subject to subject. (Please refer to your Programme Handbook for details of course marks and standards)

It is the responsibility of each student to familiarise themselves with the regulations governing exams when these are issued and to find out his/her timetable and results.

The Exams Officer is responsible for all matters relating to examinations.

Policy on the Distribution of Seen Exam Questions / Papers

On some occasions exam questions/papers will be published and distributed to students prior to the exam for that module.
The following procedure applies in the event of exam questions/papers being circulated to exam candidates prior to an exam session:

  • Students will be forwarded the question/papers by the module leader/examiner by email 3 weeks prior to the scheduled date for the exam.
  • A copy of the question will also be emailed by the module leader/examiner to the exams office for placement on the notice board outside the Exams Office.
  • A copy of the question/paper will also be posted by the module leader/examiner, in the appropriate folder on Moodle.

ID Card Charge for Checking Identity and Registration

It is a requirement that all students bring in their current student ID card to all of their exams. If a student does not bring their current ID card the invigilator will note their name and details and the student will be required to report to the Exams Office within one week.

A check of identity and registration will be carried out for such students by the Exams Office to verify that they are registered students, that they were permitted to take the exam and that the signature taken in the exam hall matches that which they will be required to give when they come to the Exams Office. The student will be charged €20 for this check. If a student fails to report to the Exams Office or fails to pay this charge, their exam results will be withheld.

To avoid incurring such a charge, please ensure that you have a current student ID card before you commence your exams and that you bring this card with you to all exams. If you have misplaced or lost your current student ID card please contact the College Reception where you can order a replacement card at the cost of €5.

Fines for Mobile Phones in Exam Centres

Mobile phones are not permitted in the exam centres. Individuals who bring mobile phones into the exam centre will be fined €20. Students must report to the Exams Office to pay this fine. Exam results will be withheld by the Exams Office in the case of those students who fail to pay this fine.

General Procedures and Regulations for Exams

The General Procedures and Exams Regulations document should be read before attending exams.
You will find these documents on

Exam Timetables

The exam timetable will available online approximately 3 weeks before exams commence. The exam timetable should not be used for planning flights as the timetable may change. When necessary, amendments to the timetable will be published on the website. Please check the timetable regularly to ensure you have the latest details regarding your exams; it is your responsibility to know when your exams are on. When published, click here to view the Exam Timetable

Alternative Exam Arrangements

For alternative exam arrangements e.g. extra time, alternative venue, SLD sticker and marking guidelines. St. Angela’s College uses DAWN 2012 (revised 2013) guidelines for granting reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in all official end-of-term college examinations. (Click here to download guidelines). Your examination accommodations will remain unchanged for the duration of your course unless you request a review meeting.

For students requiring alternative exam arrangements (i.e. sickbay) on the day of an exam, contact the Exams Office as soon as possible by email or phone +353 (0)71 9195513. Every effort will be made to facilitate alternative arrangements in a smaller centre. Sickbay does not automatically allocate students extra time and takes on the same rules and regulations as the main exam centres. The invigilators instructions must be followed at all times.

For further information, please email our Disability Support Service

Security Breaches during Exams

Failure to follow Exam Regulations during exams is a security breach.
Security breaches include the following:

  • Writing on your answer book prior to the exam starting
  • Having or using notes
  • Annotations on permitted material
  • Taking your answer book out of the exam venue, including unused answer books
  • Leaving the exam venue within the first hour

All exam breaches are serious and will be brought to the attention of the Registrar.

Plagiarism - St. Angela’s College Procedure for Dealing with Plagiarism

Plagiarism means presenting the words of another writer as if they were your own. It refers to stealing, without acknowledgement, from any other writer, including fellow students. The submission of plagiarised materials for assessment purposes is fraudulent and all suspected cases will be investigated and dealt with appropriately by the College following the procedures outlined in the Code of Practice Dealing with Plagiarism (available on ‌).

For information on Exam Results, Rechecks and Appeals, click HERE


The Development of a Common Marks and Standards for all University Exams

These general regulations apply to all courses in the College and are approved by the University’s Academic Council. Marks and Standards and regulated and reviewed by the Academic Council’s Standing Committee, following prior consideration by the Academic Regulations Committee.
The following are detailed in the Marks and Standards document available on ‌;

  • Degree Programme Curricula
  • Module Descriptions and Weightings (ECTS)
  • Arrangements for Assessment and Formal Examination
  • Passing and Progression
  • Award of Honours
  • Deferral Provision
  • Transcripts
  • Dealing with Exceptions or Deviations