When are my exams?

Please consult the Academic Calendar for examination start and end dates. The Academic Calendar provides the schedule for formal College examinations. For any other assessments e.g. practical’s or Multiple-Choice Question exams arranged by your Department (Nursing, Health Scienes and Disability Studies; Education; Home Economics), you will be advised directly by your lecturers.

When will the exam timetable be available?

The exam timetable will available online approximately 3 weeks before exams commence. The exam timetable should not be used for planning flights as the timetable may change. When necessary, amendments to the timetable will be published on the website. Please check the timetable regularly to ensure you have the latest details regarding your exams; it is your responsibility to know when your exams are on. When published, you can view the exam timetable HERE

I am registered with the Disability and Learning Support Service and normally avail of exam accommodations, what should I do?

Please contact your Module Leader immediately to discuss your particular examination needs. The College will ensure that no student is disadvantaged in terms of academic assessment and will work closely with the Disability and Learning Support Services to provide you with support. Reasonable exam accommodation also includes online exams.
For additional information, contact the Disability and learning Support Services by email disability@stangelas.nuigalway.ie

Deferral Information for Students

It is recognised that circumstances may arise which will lead to a student wishing to defer some of his/her assessments and/or formal examinations during the academic year. Please be assured that whatever the circumstances are there is a network of support within the University in Student Services, the College Departments, Registry and the Student’s Union which you should avail of. This guide is to assist you with the process should you need to apply for a deferral of an examination.
You can find the Defferal Request Form on Moodle

Where will exams take place and how will I know where to go?

The main exam centres are:
•   College Auditorium
•   BM 101
•   ST 04

Seating plans for all main centres will be clearly posted at the Auditorium. Please allow enough time before each exam to check your venue and seating number.

Alternative exam centres include:
•   ST01
•   ST02
•   ST03
•   ST05
•   ST06

Students must be registered with Disability Support Services in order to sit their exams in alternative centres*. Please be at the ST rooms at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam. Invigilators will call students in to take their seat once the exam centre has been secured.

St. Angela’s College uses DAWN 2012 (revised 2013) guidelines for granting reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in all official end-of-term college examinations e.g. extra time, alternative venue, SLD sticker and marking guidelines. Your exam accommodations will remain unchanged for the duration of your course unless you request a review meeting.
For more see DAWN Exam Guidelines

*For students requiring alternative exam arrangements on the day of an exam (i.e. sickbay), contact the Exams Office as soon as possible by email exams@stangelas.nuigalway.ie or phone +353 (0)71 9195513. Every effort will be made to facilitate alternative arrangements in a smaller centre. Sickbay does not automatically allocate students extra time and takes on the same rules and regulations as the main exam centres. The invigilators instructions must be followed at all times.

Will I be in the same exam centre for each of my exams?

No, seating plans and exam centre can change on a daily basis. Please check your venue and seat number before the start of each exam. Our Invigilators will be there to assist you.

What is permitted to bring into the exam centre?

Familiarise yourself with the Examinations Regulations and Procedures (available on )
Please do not bring mobile phones into exam centre and be sure to switch them off if leaving outside the centre. 

How will I know when results are released?

The Examinations Officer will email each student group as results are released so please check your College email regularly. 

I know results have been released but I still have not recieved mine.
What should I do?

There could be a few explanations for this:

  • Your results may be available online (only final year Undergraduates, Postgraduate and Adult and Continuing Education results are posted to students home addresses). 
    See FAQ "How do I access my online results?"
  • You may not have updated your home address, you can do this by logging in to on Registration Updating,once updated please email exams@stangelas.nuigalway.ie
  • You may have outstanding fees owed or library fines, please email exams@stangelas.nuigalway.ie or library@stangelas.nuigalway.ie 
  • The Exams Office may be under instructions from Departments to withhold results (e.g. if they are waiting on documents, materials to   be submitted)

How can I pay my outstanding owed fees?

Please email our Fees Office fees@stangelas.nuigalway.ie or phone +353 (0)71 9195524

How do I access my online results?

For those whose results are published online, you may access them here

Your default Examination Results credentials are:
Username:         studentID#
Password hint:   _ _ _ _ x y _ _ _ _

What should I do if I cannot access examination results link or if I don’t know my password?

For those whose results are published online, you may access them here
***Please note your password credentials for Registration Updating and Examinations Results are different to that used for eduroam, email, library, etc***

Your password to access Exam Results will be indicated in an email from the Registrar's Office at the start of the academic year (see above question "How do I access my online results?" for default password credentials).

Please note, the password credentials for Exam Results will not change. If you continue to have difficulty accessing your results, please email passwordhelp@stangelas.nuigalway.ie to reset your password to the default credentials.

If I fail exams, what is the process for repeating?

As a first step, consult your relevant Department (Nursing, Health Scienes and Disability StudiesEducationHome Economics) to check if a repeat exam sitting opportunity is available for your course. 
If a repeat exam sitting is available for your course and if you fail the first sitting of a formal written examination, you are automatically listed to sit the repeat exam at the second sitting e.g. if you fail a Semester 2 Summer exam, you are automatically listed to sit the repeat exam in the Autumn (usually August). Once puiblished, the Repeat Exam Timetable can be viewed HERE

If you a fail an exam/module which was not a formal written examination (e.g. essay, project, continuous assessment), please contact your relevant College Department (Nursing, Health Scienes and Disability StudiesEducationHome Economics) to discuss your options.
Note that there is a fee for repeat examinations of €200. If you are repeating a written exam, assessment (incl. remote/alternative), assignment or coursework, you are liable to pay the repeat examination fee. 

When is the Repeat Examination Fee due?

The repeat examination fee is due as soon as possible following the release of results. Students can sit the repeat examination even if the repeat fee has not yet been paid. However, please note that results for repeat exams will be withheld if the repeat fee remains outstanding.

Can I repeat a module that I have passed?

No, students are not permitted to retake modules which have been previously passed.

What is Consultation Day?

The Consultation Day is an opportunity for both academic staff and students to meet and discuss results.

If I fail exams, what is the process for Recheck or Appeal of the result(s)?

If a Consultation Day has been planned for your course or programme, then you must attend to discuss your mark(s) with the relevant lecturer/programme director. If you do not have a Consultation Day to attend, then you must contact your lecturer/programme director to receive feedback before applying for an Appeal or Recheck.

Examination Results can only be appealed after the full official transcript of results has been issued. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance. 

**Note** If awaiting the results of an Appeal of a failing grade, a student should always be prepared to sit the repeat as there is no guarantee that the result of an appeal will be favourable. 

What should I do if I fail exams and am considering repeating the year?

It is recommended that you attend the Consultation Day if applicable. 
Contact your relevant department to discuss your options. 

How can I get results rechecked?

An exam Recheck is a re-calculation of all parts of the module mark, it is NOT a re-marking of the content.

Recheck Submission Checklist:
•   Ensure you have completed the Recheck Form (available on ‌), all sections must be completed.
•   Recheck Fee (€25 per module) (playment methods indicated on the form)
•   Please attach a copy of your exam transcript OR a printed copy of your online exam results 

Exam Recheck applications can be submitted only after the full official transcript of results has been issued. The completed application form should be returned to the Examinations Office, St. Angela's College, Clogherevagh, Lough Gill, Co Sligo or by email to exams@stangelas.nuigalway.ie by the relevant deadlines indicated in the email from the Examinations Officer. 
Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance.

How can I appeal my results?

An exam Appeal is considered based on one or more grounds:
•   A - evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the examination
•   B - the mark awarded was incorrect or inappropriate
•   C - circumstances which the Examination Board was not aware of when its decision was taken.

Exam Appeal applications can be submitted only after the full official transcript of results has been issued. The completed application form together with supporting documents should be returned to the Examinations Office, St. Angela's College, Clogherevagh, Lough Gill, Co Sligo or by email to exams@stangelas.nuigalway.ie by the relevant deadlines indicated in the email from the Examinations Officer. 

Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance. 

Appeals submission Checklist:
•   Ensure you have completed the Appeals Form (available on ‌) 
•   Ensure you have ticked the appropriate "Ground for Appeal" section (A, B or C)
•   Ensure you have included all supporting documentation such as your appeal letter and any supporting documentation e.g. medical             evidence
•   Copy of your exam transcript OR a printed copy of your online exam results
•   Appeal fee (€60 per module)
•   Examination Appeal applications will not be processed if the required documents 1 to 5 above are not included in your application.

Do I need to have my results rechecked before I can appeal?

It is not necessary to apply for a formal recheck of an exam result before making an appeal application. It is important to note that a formal recheck application may not be processed and completed in advance of the examination appeal deadline. As part of an appeal application, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence that you have already received EITHER informal feedback on your performance from your lecturer or discipline OR the results of a formal recheck.

Is there a limit on the number of modules I can appeal?

No, you can apply for all modules for which an official result has been released (in line with the appeal application deadlines).

I have missed the appeal deadline. Can I still appeal?

No, late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Re. previous years results:
The timeframe to make an exam appeal application is strictly defined. You can only appeal results for modules which have been officially released in the defined timeframe.
E.g. If you have received official results for 3rd Year (1st Sitting), you cannot appeal results received for 2nd Year (1st Sitting). 

Can I submit additional supporting documents after I submit appeal application?

All documents for an exam appeal must be submitted at the time of application. Students are advised that additional documents cannot be accepted.

If you do not have one (or more) items of supporting documentation at the time you are making your exam appeal application, it is recommended that you state the details in your appeal statement. It is not be possible to submit additional documents at a later stage.

Do I need to supply my essay/coursework with my appeal application?

The Examination Appeals Committee recommends that applicants do not include original essays.coursework with their appeal documentation. Applicants are advised that the committee can request additional documentation at a later stage, if the committee consider it relevant.

Should I supply my Doctors Cert/Medical Statement with my appeal application?

The Examinations Appeals Committee recommends that any medical statements submitted as part of an appeal application should contain a statement about the impact on the student’s performance in the relevant module.

How much does it cost to repeat my year?

Should you not be successful in all component of a year, you cannot progress to the following year.
Repeat year fee is €1,800

What steps is the College taking to ensure the integrity of assessments?

All St. Angela’s College students will be asked to self-certify that they are complying with the rules in online assessments by signing a disclaimer statement at the start of each online exam. The College reserves the right to follow-up with a student by interview if there was any concern in relation to the integrity of the exam process.

You are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and honesty when completing assessments at St. Angela’s College. Module Leaders reserve the right to follow up with a student by interview if there is any concern in relation to the integrity of the assessment. Any irregularities of conduct may be reported to the Exam Security Group.

Please be assured that our primary concern is to maintain the integrity and rigour of the examinations process, and the alternative assessments provided for each module will reflect appropriately the same level of effort required for traditional exams based in exam halls. The quality of your degree is paramount and will not be affected by an alternative mode of assessment.