In 2020 the contract for St. Angela’s College Employee Assistance Service was awarded to Spectrum.Life, Ireland’s largest provider of allied health services who deliver evidence-based health innovation to clients across Ireland and the UK. They currently support over 2,000 corporate companies and their employees in their health and wellness programmes and Employee Assistance Services (EAS).

The EAS is a 24/7 free and confidential support service designed to assist individuals in dealing more effectively with any personal or work-related problems they might be facing. Where appropriate, our EAS provides up to 6 sessions of short-term, solution focused counselling and referral services, per issue, per year.

What kind of support does the EAS provide?
Along with counselling, employees and their families can access their EAS for the following:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Financial Assistance
  • Consumer Advice
  • Career Guidance
  • Life Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Support for Non-Irish Nationals & their Families
  • Health Advice, including Physio, Podiatrists and Dietitians.
  • Advice on practical, day to day issues and services

How to access the EAS directly?
Freephone IRE: 1800 814 243
WhatsApp & SMS: Text ‘Hi’ to 087 369 0010 

How can I be sure my employer won’t know I called?
All services provided through the Spectrum.Life EAS are done so in total confidence. The identity of individuals and personal details will always be protected by the Case Managers and our team of counsellors. This information will never be shared with or reported to the employer or management team or anyone else, without the employee’s clear consent.

Are there any online services as part of the EAS?
Through the portal have extensive educational resources such as videos, blogs and eLearning on topics like mental health, self-care, fitness, nutrition and more. There is also live chat and video counselling available through the portal which will provide access to regularly updated blogs and info on the EAS service, while also giving you the option to instantly call the helpline.

How do I register for the portal?
Register by following this link 
(the organisation code has been prefilled)

Once registered, you can log-in HERE

For more information on the EAS, please contact the Human Resources Office