All users of computer facilities on the St. Angela's College network have a responsibility to follow best practice in accordance with our ICT policy. If you have any queries or would like to report an issue, please email 

There are many forms of cyber-attack and consequence as a result, some of the most common are links in emails or websites, looking for personal information such as passwords, bank details etc, email attachments that install malicious software. Please see our module on ‌ under the Help & Software section and work through the information to ensure your data and equipment is as secure as possible. In relation to requests for personal data please adopt a zero-trust approach, please note the following

  1. St. Angela's College staff will never request your password details, please do not share your password details with anyone
  2. Do not click on links or attachments from untrusted or dubious sources, again please adopt a zero trust approach
  3. Set a strong password on college accounts and devices please see details on ‌ for more information
  4. Run security updates on your devices regularly
  5. If you sent your password in error or have doubt about your account security please change your password immediately and report the incident to
    (please refer to information on ‌ for more information)