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A presentation of Library Services will be made to all new students at the begining of the academic year.

Borrowing and Returning Material

All registered students of the college are issued a St. Angela’s College Student Identity Card. This student ID card also serves as your Library ID Card and students are required to present it when borrowing books. See Library (Student) ID Card section below.

The records of the library collection are maintained in the computerised Library Online Catalogue using the Heritage Cirqa Library Management System. The Library Catalogue may be accessed at one of the PC terminals in the library or from any PC on/off campus.

Borrowing privileges are extended to all staff and students of the college.

When returning materials, please place in the Return box at the Library Circulation Desk. Books left anywhere else will not be cleared from your name, and fines will accrue.
Please return books promptly as a courtesy to others. If you are unable to personally visit the library, you may return books via registered post to: McKeown Library, St. Angela’s College, Clogherevagh, Lough Gill, Co Sligo, F91 C634

The library also offers an Inter Library Loan facility (see below) on a fee basis to students should they wish to obtain material from another library. Student Printing and Photocopying facilities (see below) are available in the library to copy material that is not available for loan. 

The loan period of a book may be extended twice, provided no other student has reserved the book

Reserving a book
To reserve a book which is on loan to another reader, please ask a member of Library staff for assistance. By reserving a book you ensure that the book will be held for you upon its return. Books will be held for one week and then returned to open circulation. It is your responsibility to collect a reserved book.

Important Points to Remember:
  • You must have your ID Card to borrow books.
  • Do not loan books to fellow students that you have taken out in your name.
  • You are personally responsible for any item you take out and will be charged the replacement cost for any lost material and are responsible for the payment of any fine incurred.
  • Failure to return books promptly will result in the suspension of borrowing rights.

Library (Sudent) ID Card

Your student ID card serves as your Library Identification Card. You must present your own ID card to borrow from the Library.   

If you have lost your Student ID card you must request a replacement card from the Registration Office by emailing
Until you receive your replacement card you will not be eligible to borrow library material.

Inter-Library Loan

In the course of compiling your research, you will undoubtedly wish to consult material which is not available in the St. Angela’s College Library. Inter-Library Loan is a means of obtaining material on loan from another library. The lending period is generally 3-4 weeks but each library may differ in the amount of time allowed.

St. Angela’s College Library is a member of The British Library Document Supply Service. Borrowed material may be consulted only in St. Angela’s College Library. It may not be removed from the library. Photocopied journal articles are the only exception to this.

The cost involved with Inter-Library Loans are:

Journal Article  
British Library  
Book Loan: British or other Irish Library  €18.00

These prices are per single item and inclusive of postage for returning the item to the lending library. All fees are payable by the student and must be paid upon receipt of material. Effective 1 September 2020.

Other Options:

  • Given the relatively high cost of obtaining material on Inter Library Loan, it may be more beneficial to visit another library and check their online catalogues via their webpages before you go.
  • Undergraduate students may request a letter of introduction to gain entry to other Irish University Libraries should they wish to travel to them. Postgraduate students and college staff are eligible for the Academic Libraries Co-operating in Ireland (ALCID) scheme which allows access to other Irish university libraries for research purposes.
  • The Library Catalogues of all libraries of the National University of Ireland and the majority of the Institutes of Technology are accessible online.

Printing and Photocopying

The Library copiers operate on the same credit account system as the student print facility. Your account may be credited using the deposit station located in the entrance hall of Áras Michael.

Copy cost is currently €0.06 per page. The deposit station accepts notes in denominations of €5, €10 and €20. Instructions for its use are posted beside it.

Copier Locations:
Three multifunction devices are located in the Library next to the Library Desk.

Using the copier:
Instructions for using the units are located at the machines themselves. Using the display panel on the copiers, you may select copy size, number of copies, etc. as on any standard copier. Press the blue button to copy.

Should problems arise:
If the copier runs out of paper, jams, or otherwise ceases to function, please seek assistance from Library Staff who will inform the technician.

Wireless Printing:
Wireless printing from your laptop is available in the Library.
•   From the College webpage select Students from the tab at the top right of the screen.
•   Select Photocopying and Printing and follow the instructions

For Further Assistance

Feel free to make an appointment to meet with one of the Library Team (we may use Eventbrite as Academic Writing Centre does)

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