Laura Connolly |   BNSc General Nursing

An excellent course that initiates the formation of lifelong friendships amongst peers, offers invaluable opportunities such as experiencing placement abroad and continual support, in which one’s personal and professional development is fostered through. Overall it provides an invaluable basis, establishing the foundations for lifelong learning and professionalism for one’s future nursing career.

Darielle Brady |   BNSc Intellectual Disability Nursing

This BNSc provided me with the opportunity to expand on the theoretical knowledge gained from lecturers, many of whom had worked in the field of intellectual disability nursing, and apply it to all practical placements experienced over the four years.

Hannah McEvoy |   B.Applied Science Nutrition, Food and Business Management

This course has given me a great insight into all things nutrition, food and business. The highlight of the course for me was developing my own food product in 4th year using all the skills and knowledge I had learned from previous years.

Shauna Ryan |   BA Home Economics

What appeals to me most about the BAHE course is its variety. Each day brings something different and a variety of practical and theoretical content delivered by approachable and accommodating lecturers allowed me to really enjoy the first year of this course. Studying on the BAHE course also provided me with an opportunity to meet like-minded people and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Clare Roberts |   BAPME Home Economics and Biology (Teacher Ed)

One of the core aspects of my course was the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge which we applied each year during school placement. This allowed us to gain invaluable experience which prepared us for our lives as teachers upon graduating from St. Angela’s College.

Connor Dupuits |   BAPME Home Economics and Religious Education (Teacher Ed)

An excellent course which encapsulates the theory of each discipline throughout the practical elements of, school placement, fashion and design, and culinary skills. This provides us with the skills to enter the teaching profession with a masters degree in a subject that has a guaranteed employment rate.

Maeve Leheny Fallon |   BAPME Home Economics and Religious Education (Teacher Ed)

As a mature student (with young children) returning to third level education, initially I completed the Access course which is run at the college, this was invaluable in helping me to decide to choose the Home Economics and Religious Education undergraduate course. I found the course thoroughly enjoyable and the college lecturers and staff very supportive. Each semester flies by and school placement arrives quickly for which we are well prepared. I highly recommend the course and the venue.
Shauna Luisa

Shauna Luisa Coutinho |   BAPME Home Economics and Gaeilge (Teacher Ed)

My course allowed me to gain invaluable experiences in a range of schools and classroom settings which has greatly helped me in my future teaching. The combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge is a credit to this course. Sa Ghaeilge, tá an deis tugtha dúinn chun ár scileanna labhartha, scileanna éisteachta, scileanna scríofa agus scileanna léitheoireachta a fheabhsú, le cabhair ó na léachtóirí tacúla.

Killian Hynes |   PG Diploma in Nursing (Community Mental Health)

The supportive environment of St Angela's provided a wonderful learning experience, the access we had to our tutor Tom was incredible and his dedication and motivation kept you going as well, particularly when busy with your own Job and family etc. Each day you left with new learning.
Deborah Otibhor

Deborah Otibhor Agboga |   MHSc International Healthcare Management

My experience as an international student in St Angela’s College, Sligo exceeded my expectations. Coming from the BN International programme 2018 into the Masters programme 2019 was quite intensive, however, the lecturers were extremely helpful and approachable. The Campus is beautiful and has a friendly environment with excellent facilities. The education I have received studying in St Angela’s college have undoubtedly increased my confidence and prepared me for a great future in Nursing.

Conor Fennell |   M.Ed. (Home Economics)

The online Master of Education in Home Economics allowed me to further my personal research goals and enabled me to further my professional career, all while working full-time internationally. I would recommend the program to any Home Economist interested in doing the same.

Seán Grealy |   Certificate in Religious Education (Primary School)

As a parent, I was delighted to get the opportunity to broaden the intellectual underpinnings of my faith so as to be better able to catechise my children. The course exposed me to areas of Christian doctrine I hadn’t ever thought much about and with which I had to acquaint myself academically for the first time. The online presentations and resources, and the essay format used for assessment, meant that the course was ideal for busy people, as the student had full control over when he or she accessed the material.

Carmel Henehan |   MA Special Educational Needs

The SEN Postgraduate course for teachers was a well organised, collaborative and engaging course. Lecturers provided an interactive and stimulating environment while providing teachers with knowledge and expertise regarding all aspects of SEN. This included opportunities for knowledge exchange with teachers in the group from all over Ireland and with whom we have maintained a support network. Continuing on into the Masters course was very demanding but well supported by college staff. Set in a spectacular setting overlooking Lough Gill, St. Angela's College is very welcoming. Supportive staff including lecturers, library, admin, technology and the friendly canteen service made this a unique and memorable learning experience.

Maebh Egan |   PDip,MA Special Educational Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

I really enjoy my two years studying with St. Angela's. I was nervous when I was first accepted onto the Postgraduate Diploma in SEN (ASD) course as it involved a lot of time out of class but I can honestly say it was the most beneficial year for me professionally. I learned so much that helps me support the students in my class. The St. Angela's lecturers were very supportive and always had a few nuggets of wisdom to share with us, they really are experts in their field. I've also been able to share my learning with my colleagues in school. When I progressed onto the MA in SEN (ASD), I knew it would be a busy year. The research module really set us up for success and the range of information we received from the various lectures really stood to me when writing my dissertation.

Simone McLaughlin |   PDip / MA in Special Education

Having heard for years about the great reputation of St. Angela's for Special Education, I jumped at the opportunity to study the Postgraduate course in Special Educational Needs and was not disappointed. The wealth of expertise offered by every single lecturer, who were all at the forefront of Irish and international educational research helped ensure I was fully brought up to date with current educational thinking. The course offered a good grounding in theory, which I came to really appreciate and value during my studies, but also ensured I returned to my school with loads of practical insight. There was plenty of support to complete assignments and the online journal access through the library facilitated home study with ease. Following the course, I returned to my school with confidence and a wide range of strategies and approaches to try with my students and it has totally transformed the special education provision in my school. I recommend it without hesitation.

Fina Golden |   Diploma in Lifelong Religious Education

Being part of the Diploma in Lifelong Religious Education in the Partners in the Gospel programme has been a wonderful experience. I did not feel that the classes were taught but that we learned as a group. The quality of the tutors was outstanding. The facilitated experiential learning with the group was encouraged and I’ve no doubt this contributed to the individual achievements of all involved. Practical placements, while time consuming and challenging, contributed significantly to the whole learning programme.

Melanie Hibbert |   Disability Studies (Pg Cert/Dip/MSc)

As a mature Black disabled student, I have developed a vast amount of knowledge on the course. It is one of the only courses in Ireland which understands the difference between impairment and disability; it also includes intersectionality; this is important in dismantling barriers which disabled people with many characteristics face in society. The course is very inclusive and lecturers are very experienced and supportive. I feel ready to apply the skills and tools that I have learnt to make inclusive changes in society actively