St. Angela’s Celebrates International Nursing Day 2022

May 11 2022 Posted: 21:00 IST

Setting the standard for modern nursing as we know it, Florence Nightingale herself believed in the importance of building relationships with people. Nursing education has developed this idea of relationships and established therapeutic relationships as the basis for professional nursing which respects the individual and their ability to make informed choices about their health. Combining people skills with professional knowledge nurses have enabled people to make better choices regarding their health and support them on this journey. It is the provision of high-quality programmes for nurses that ensures knowledge development is continuous and relevant to modern society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into the public domain the essential role of the nurse. While resilience and dedication has clearly been demonstrated there is also a recognition of the knowledge and professional capabilities of nurses to sustain life and improve the quality of people’s lives. That nurses are given proper recognition for these roles is important but also the utilisation of these skilled nurses in developing healthcare is significant.

On 12th May, Nurse Lecturers in St. Angela’s College will join colleagues nationwide and around the world in recognising the contribution of nurses and advocating for a fair future for everyone in the profession through this year’s International Nurses Day theme: ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead - Invest in nursing and respect rights to secure global health’

St. Angela’s College provide a range of programmes through its Academic School of Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies and invite prospective students to explore undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities this September. “Quality university education delivered by our experienced professionals means we can nurture and empower future nurses as well as continuing to academically support those who wish to progress to postgraduate level” explains Dr Evelyn McManus, Acting Head of School. “we take great pride in knowing our students and graduates have played a significant role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future the development of healthcare which responds in meaningful ways to the health needs of society”.

At undergraduate level, CAO applicants are invited to consider General Nursing (AS110) and Intellectual Disability Nursing (AS130), while at postgraduate level, applications can be made directly to St. Angela’s College for those who wish to advance their career in nursing studies; international healthcare management; community mental health; disability studies; and applied health and wellness coaching. For more details on each programme visit

Subject to incorporation, St. Angela’s will become one of nine campuses across the new Atlantic Technological University, which was formed in April 2022. This means that all St. Angela’s students starting this September will be awarded a qualification from the Atlantic TU.