Head of School (Education)

Head of School (Education)

PhD; M.Ed.; B.Ed.

Dr Fiona Crowe is the Head of the School of Education, St Angela’s College, Sligo, Ireland.  The College’s School of Education designs and delivers undergraduate and postgraduate teacher education programmes. 

Fiona’s research primarily focuses on initial teacher education, particularly pre-service teacher learning and pre-service teacher identity formation.


Crowe, F. and McGarr, O. (2022) ‘An investigation of pre-service teachers' apprenticeship of observation through a lens of autobiographical memory’, Journal of Teacher Education (in print).

Crowe, F. and McGarr, O. (2022) ‘”Foreclosing” a teaching career? An exploration of the career decisions of undergraduate pre-service teachers’ through the lens of Identity Status Theory’, Teaching and Teacher Education (in review).

Member of research informed Committee in Summerhill College, Sligo

Panel Discussant following keynote at Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) Conference 11th – 13th April 2019. 'Education in Times of Change, Choice and Challenge' St. Angela's College and Radisson Hotel Sligo.

Ellis, V., Crowe, F., Campbell, M., Jakhelln, R. (2018) Invited by NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education – an independent expert body under the Ministery of Education and Research) to deliver paper and workshops with Professor Viv Ellis, Professor of Educational Leadership and Teacher Development, King’s College, London and Dr Rachel Jakhelln, Department of Education, the Artic University on 28th and 29th May 2018 in Oslo to teacher educators. This conference is organised in response to the introduction of the new five years master’s programme for Norwegian primary teachers which rolled out in 2017 and our sessions will focus on the challenges and opportunities posed by integrating academic work with professional practice in light of the thesis requirements of the new programme. 

Invited to present at Kings College London symposium: Innovations in Teacher Development June 26th 2017. Presented a paper titled: ‘A new master’s level initial teacher education programme in Ireland: possibilities and challenges to foregrounding equity as a core value for practice’.