Lecturer (Economics)

Lecturer (Economics)

PhD; MA; BA; High Diploma (Teaching and Learning)

Brian is an economist who has taught economics, methodology mathematics and econometrics in St Angela’s. His research is in the areas of global political economy, philosophy and political theories.

Brian has co-authored three books to date and is the author of a number of peer reviewed articles and book chapters.

His latest book – Tax Haven Ireland will be released by Pluto Press later in the Year.

Brian is currently working on a history of Liberalism – Liberalism and Capitalist Power, with Routledge.


Books and Book Chapters

  • O’ Boyle and K. Allen 2021 Tax Haven Ireland. London. Pluto Press
  • Allen, K and B. O’ Boyle 2017 – Durkheim A Critical Introduction London, Pluto Press.
  • O’Boyle, B. and T. McDonough 2015. The State of Nature and Natural States – Ideology and Mathematical Formalism in Mainstream Economics. In J Morgan (Ed). What is this ‘school’ called neoclassical economics? Debating the issues.London, Routledge pp. 200-220.
  • Allen, K and B, O’ Boyle, 2013. Austerity Ireland: The Failure of Irish Capitalism. London, Pluto Press.


O’ Boyle 2024. Liberalism and the Capitalist Tradition. London Routledge.

Peer reviewed journal articles

  • O’Boyle B 2017. From Newton to Hobbes – The Metaphysical Foundations of Mainstream Economics – Cambridge Journal of Economics.Volume 41, Issue 6, November 2017, Pages 1587–1605,
  • O’Boyle B, and T, McDonough 2016. The Ideology of Mathematical Formalism a Reply to Lawson Economic Thought –History, philosophy, methodology.
  • O’Boyle, B. and T. McDonough 2015. ‘Critical Realism and the Althusserian Legacy’- Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour Article first published online:Volume46, Issue2. June 2016Pages 143-164.
  • O’ Boyle, B. and T. Mc Donough 2014. ‘Epistemological Problems and Ontological Solutions: A Critical Realist Retrospective on Althusser. Research in Political Economy. Vol, 29. pp. 183-227.
  • O’Boyle, B. 2013. Coping with the Great Recession - Some Mainstream Accounts of the Crisis. International Critical Thought Vol 3. Issue 2. pp. 224-236.
  • O’ Boyle, B. 2013. ‘Reproducing the Social Structure: A Marxist Critique of Anthony Giddens’s Structuration Methodology’ Cambridge Journal of EconomicsVol 37, No 5. Pp. 1019-1033.
  • O’ Boyle, B. 2012. ‘Capital - Labour Imbalances – The Debt of Capitalism?’ International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 2012 Vol 6. No.3 pp. 148-169.
  • O’ Boyle, B. and T McDonough 2011. ‘Critical Realism, Marxism and the Critique of Neoclassical Economics’Capital and Class Vol 35, No 1. pp. 3-22.

Other publications

  • O’ Boyle 2015. Post Keynesianism and the Eurozone Crisis. International Socialism.Issue 148 pp.199 -202
  • O’ Boyle B 2015. European Monetary Union –A Rod for the Backs of Working People. Irish Marxist Review Vol 4, No 15 pp. 33-45.
  • O’Boyle B 2014. Decoding Marx’s Economic Logic - Review of Alex Callinicos’s Deciphering Capital.Irish Marxist Review Vol3, No.11 76-82.
  • O’Boyle B 2013. Cracking the Crisis – Financial conspiracy of falling rate of Profitability.  Irish Marxist Review Vol 2, No. 7 17-31.
  • O’ Boyle B 2012. ‘Clutching at Straws – Some Mainstream Accounts of the Crisis, International Socialism Issue 135, pp. 179- 193. 
  • O’ Boyle B 2012. Keynesianism and the Crisis. Irish Marxist Review Vol 1. Issue 3 pp.11-26.