Lecturer (Food Studies; Nutrition Diet and Health)

Lecturer (Food Studies; Nutrition Diet and Health)

Joint Co-ordinator of the B.Applied Science programme

B.Ed, MSc

Roisin Lydon is a lecturer within the School of Home Economics. She is a graduate of St. Angela’s College Sligo with a B.Ed in Home Economics and Economics and also an MSc in Human Nutrition from the Ulster University.

Roisin has worked previously on a project related to Infant Feeding choices in collaboration with IT Sligo

Roisin is also currently working on the Recipes for Success project 2016-present which is a collaboration between the GAA & St. Angela’s College Sligo.


  • Research Project: Recipes for Success ‘A Toolkit focusing on healthy living to optimise performance’. Collaboration with GAA, St. Angela’s College, Sligo and the Association for Home Economics Teachers. (2014 – 2016)
  • Research project, University of Ulster, Coleraine. “An examination into the link between salt intake and obesity in a representative sample of the UK population”(2014-2015)
  • Research Project (St. Angela’s College Sligo) “Community Based Food Education Intervention amongst disadvantages families in the North West of Ireland”. (2013)



  • Lydon, R, McCloat, A. Mooney, E. Kelly-Blakeney, E.  (2018) International Federation for Home Economics Conference Recipes for Success: Promoting Home Economics through the development of Food Literacy Skills among Amateur Sports Players in a Community Based Setting. 
  • ESPEN Conference   September 2017 (Poster Presentation) Infant feeding choices: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of expectant womens’ intentions of infant feeding in Community Healthcare Organisation 1 (CHO1) in Ireland. Bradshaw, C., Breen, A., Doherty, L., Lennon, R. , Lydon, R.,Mooney, E., Moriarty,C., Martin,L., Mc.Cloat,A, Stoddard, Mc.Loone, M., & McMonagle, G
  • IFHE Conference, Sligo, March 2017 (Oral Presentation) Recipes for Success: Home Economists developing Food Literacy Skills among amateur sports players in a Community Setting. Roisin Lydon, Amanda Mc Cloat, Dr Elaine Mooney and Dr Eileen Kelly-Blakeney - Home Economics Department, St Angela’s College.
  • IFHE Conference, Sligo, March 2017 (Oral Presentation) Pregnant women’s perceived constraints and facilitators regarding their intended method of infant feeding within the Community Health Organisational (CHO) Region 1[1] of Ireland. Bradshaw, C., Breen, A., Doherty, L.,Lennon, R. , Lydon, R., Mooney, E., Moriarty, C., Martin, L., Mc.Cloat, A, Stoddard, Mc.Loone, M., & McMonagle, G.
  • Nutrition Society Conference, UCD, July 2016 (Poster presentation) The association between salt intake and obesity in UK adults aged 19-64 years. R. Lydon1, L. McAnena2, M.B.E Livingstone2, and M. A. Kerr2, 1Home Economics Department, St. Angela’s College, Lough Gill, Sligo, Republic of Ireland and 2Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health (NICHE), Ulster University, Coleraine.


  • Associate member of The Association for Nutrition UK
  • CEC Member of the Association of Home Economics Teachers (ATHE).
  • Co-Chair Sligo Branch of the Association of Teachers of Home Economics (ATHE) (2012–2020),
  • Received an award for ‘Best Presenter’ on the MSc Human Nutrition, Ulster University. (2016)
    - Fun with Food – A community food based initiative to enhance the health and wellbeing of children & young people in disadvantaged areas in Sligo (2019-2020)
    - Recipes for Success Initiative – collaboration between St. Angelas College & the GAA.
  • Initiative between HSE and Southside Partnership DLR. Cool Dudes programme (2010 – 2011):  An adaptation of the Healthy Food Made Easy programme; interactive cookery programme for young people aged 10-14 years to develop skills and knowledge in the area of cooking & food education.
  • Adult Learning & Education courses - County Sligo VEC: My Baby and Me (2012 - 2013) Interactive cookery & nutrition programme for new parents wishing to improve their knowledge & skills in relation to food, cooking and healthy eating for the family with specific focus on babies & children.
  • Adult Learning & Education courses - County Sligo VEC: Easy Meals (2013) Practical cookery programme targeted at disadvantaged communities around Sligo.