Programme Director and Lecturer (BNSc ID)

Programme Director and Lecturer (BNSc ID)

Dip Management; Cert Ed; MA Health Education

Carmel is a Programme Director and a lecturer within the Department of Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies. She is a graduate of University of Wales College of Newportand St. Angela’s Collegewith an MA in Health Education and a graduate of the University of Wales College of Cardiff with a Certificate in Education. Carmel also holds a Diploma in Management from the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. Carmel has extensive experience working as an external examiner in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Carmel’s research interests include Sexuality and Disability, Behaviours that Challenge, Communication and people with intellectual disability as well as Access to and Experiences of third level education for people with intellectual disabilities.

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Professional Qualifications
  • Registered Nurse Intellectual Disability (RNID) with NMBI (1980) 
  • Qualified as a Behaviour therapist with the Royal Devon & Exeter College of Nursing (1986)
  • Registered Nurse Tutor with NMBI (1990)
Educational Awards
  • Certificate in Education 1990
  • Diploma in Management 1992
  • MA in Health Education Honours 1999
Member of the following committees
  • Shaping the Future of the RNID (National committee)
  • Part of a national forum for supporting the development of higher education for People with intellectual disability
  • Local Joint working group
  • Curriculum development groups for undergraduate and post graduate courses within the department
  • Course committees for Masters and undergraduate courses
  • Programme Board
  • Nurse Practice Clinical decision-making group
  • Practice Placement Partnership group
  • Liaison group