Programme Director/Lecturer (PG Disability Studies) and Lecturer (BNSc)

Programme Director/Lecturer (PG Disability Studies) and Lecturer (BNSc)


Susan Carton is a lecturer within the Department of Nursing, Health Studies and Disability Studies. She is a graduate of the South Lothian College of Nursing and Midwifery (now Napier University) in Edinburgh. She completed a BA in Health Administration in the Institute of Public Administration in Dublin and a Master of Science in Intellectual Disability Studies from the University of Birmingham.

Susan’s writing and research interests centre of the development and delivery of Disability Studies in Ireland. 

Kearns, P. And Carton. S, (Forthcoming) Disabled Activists’ Involvement In Developing And Delivering Disability Studies At St Angela’s College. In The Routledge Handbook of Service User Involvement in Human Services Research and Education Oxford; OUP

Carton, S and Kearns, P (2018) Disability Studies at St. Angela’s College:  tracing the pathways leading to the current understanding and response to disability in Studies on Disability International, Theoretical and Didactic Experiences Warsaw: The Maria Grzegorzewska University Press