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The College have developed supports to assist new students as they embark on their third level education journey.

Personal Tutors  / Year Leaders

Every student is assigned a Personal Tutor / Year Leader. The overall role of the Personal Tutor / Year Leader is to act as first point of contact for students within their programme or course. The Personal Tutor / Year Leader provides general academic and personal support and if required, directs the student to the Student Service Officer to access appropriate support services.

It is important to inform your Personal Tutor / Year Leader of any special circumstances which may be affecting your academic performance.

The Personal Tutors / Year Leaders effectively support student learning by;

  • Reviewing your overall academic progress and providing feedback and advice
  • Providing appropriate information, support and guidance
  • Being available to you for consultation or referral, should you find yourself in difficulty, academically or personally
Peer Mentoring Programme

This programme offers peer support to all first year students starting here at St. Angela’s College. 

Students from 2nd year to 5th year volunteer to become Peer Mentors and undertake a training programme. They offer peer support to groups of first year students assigned to them.  Where possible, Peer Mentors are assigned first year  students who are studying the same programme  as themselves.

Peer Mentors regularly meet and make contact with their assigned first year students to help them to settle into College life.  Peer Mentors are there to offer advice and refer you to the appropriate services for any help you need.

Contact our Student Services Officer for more details about the mentoring programme for first year students:
Una Roberts
T:   071 9195514