Open Badges

Open Badges are an online way of recognising skills and achievements, the same way a certificate or medal would. Student Connect Mentoring, NUI Galway have developed a series of 6 Open Badges, each of which recognises the times devoted by the volunteer mentors and the tasks completed throughout the year, demonstrating certain skills and qualities.

Find Out More

NUI Galway is currently leading a national initiative investigating the use of digital badges in Higher Education. If you are interested in learning more, click here!

Using Your Digital Badge

After you have applied for and have been awarded your Student Connect Digital Badge, you will receive an email. The badges will be awarded at the end of the academic year.

There will be a “Get your badge” link in the email. Here, you will be able to view your badge and the associated information. The badges are issued through a system called “Open Badge Factory”. You will need to set up an “Open Badge Passport” to claim and display your badge. Click here to go to the Open Badge Passport page.

Your Badges will demonstrate to prospective employers the skills you demonstrated and the qualities you exhibited to Student Connect during your term as a Mentor/Leader/Coordinator. You can display your badges on sites such as Linkedin. Here is a handy guide on how to do so.