The cost of living in Galway is comparable to the cost associated with living in Limerick or Cork, but is significantly lower than the cost of living in Dublin.

This table will give you a good indication of your monthly costs in Galway.


Accommodation in the Private Section (rented excl. bills)
Please Note:  Cost of Accommodation in Student Residences may differ, please view rates in the individual residences which can be found at:

440 euro

Electricity and Oil

80 euro

TV and Internet

20 euro


50 euro

Food, including a weekly shop and food in college

260 euro

Books/academic requisites

60 euro

Photocopying and Printing

25 euro

Clothes, laundry

60 euro


180 euro


45 euro


20 euro

Monthly Total

1,240 euro

Nine month academic year

11,160 euro