Government Logos The Student Assistance Fund is funded by the Department of Education and Skills and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.  

Financial Aid Fund


The Student Assistance Fund is intended to tackle disadvantage by providing financial support to students who require financial support to enable them to fully benefit from their third level studies.  The Financial Aid Fund comprises the Student Assistance Fund and an additional contribution from the University.  

Support from the Financial Aid Fund takes into account a students financial situation and other personal circumstances.  A standardised assessment system is used to determine the level of need and aid.  The ability to support a student depends on the size of the fund available, the number of applications and the circumstances of the applicants in any given year.

Important dates of Financial Aid Applications

Late Fee Appeal

Students wishing to appeal a late fee penalty should do so through the link at: Late fee appeals will be considered at the end of each calendar month and students will be advised of the outcome of their appeal by the Fees Office.    If you have further queries in relation to this, please email (for the attention of Colette Gill)


Students will be advised of the outcome of their application on or before 30/08/19.

Application for Financial Aid

Applications to the Financial Aid will reopen duing September 2019 

Terms and Conditions
The University reserves the right to vary or alter, amend, revoke or recover any aspect or payment made under this scheme at its discretion. 


All students considering applying to the Financial Aid Fund should read the FAQs here to find information on who is eligible to apply, how to apply and important information about the application process.   Application to the financial aid fund is open to registered students on courses of not less than one year in duration.  Funding is not available for students to assist with the costs of tuition fees, registration fees, the student levy (€224) or student loans.

What is the Financial Aid Fund?

Learn more about the financial aid fund.

Data Protection

Under GDPR your personal data collected as part of the application process may be processed for the purposes of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the operation of the Fund and to comply with European Union requirements.    This personal data may include personally sensitive data where you choose to share that data and your data may be shared with third parties for monitoring and reporting on European Social Fund co-financed activities.