The NUI Galway Accommodation Office are here to help you in your search for a place to live. We can help you find appropriate accommodation in Student Residences, flats, apartments or houses. We can also help if problems arise with property owners.  Find out about our services to you here.  You can call into us (1st Floor, Aras Ui Chathail) between 10.00 - 12.45 and 14.30 -16.45 to discuss issues you may have.

Student Residences

There are 8 Student Residences, one of which is on Campus (Corrib Village).  All others are within easy reach of the University.  Please note that NUI Galway is not a regulatory body insofar as Student Residences registered with the University are concerned. Information is provided only on the basis that no liability attaches to the University for any subsequent actions, disagreements or shortcomings on the part of tenant, student residence, or any other person. Click on the link below for your choice of accommodation in Student Residences: 

Parents and students should note that all student residences are privately owned and managed

Please click on the links below to find the most up to date status of bookings in Student Residences.

Tenants beware!

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and Gardaí have issued a warning to those looking for a place to live in advance of the academic year.  There are three categories of scams which people need to be aware of, say Gardaí.  Learn more by reading the article here.

Private Sector Accommodation Search

Please check here to find accommodation in Houses/Apartments and Sharing with the Owner.   We recommend that you do not pay a deposit for accommodation in the private sector prior to viewing it, meeting with the landlord and receiving the key to the property.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that NUI Galway is not a regulatory body insofar as accommodation registered with the University is concerned.   The University may, at its discretion, withdraw the advertisement of a property.  For full list of terms and conditions click here.

FREE Accommodation

An exciting new site offering a solution to  get free accommodation by switching rooms, whats not to love about this!  

Long Term and Short Term Accommodation

  • QuickLyT has a range of properties for rent in Galway (on a long term or short term basis) including:
  • Flatshare
  • Host family

We aim for the highest standard while keeping the costs reasonable for you. Our experienced team ensures all properties are kept in the best condition with cleaning and maintenance contractors on call.

Niland House Apartments located in the city centre, is a good option.

Temporary and Short Term Accommodation

The following is a list of hostels available for short-medium term accommodation:

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are also a useful accommodation type for the short term.  You can find a list of bed and breakfasts in galway city here.

Find a roommate:

Other Sources for your Accommodation Search

We recommend that you do not pay a deposit for accommodation advertised on these websites prior to viewing it, meeting with the landlord and receiving the key to the property



  1. Be Clear from the Start, agree rotas for cleaning and agree guest policy.
  2. Ask before borrowing your housemate’s stuff
  3. Address issues while they are small
  4. Shared spaces are shared by all. Be respectful of this and don’t leave your stuff hanging around.
  5. Be friendly without expecting to be BFFs
  6. Be open to change, trying new things and meeting new people
  7. Treat your roommate in the way he/she would want to be treated = RESPECT!
  8.  Download the OurHome app which helps you and your house mates manage tasks and events. Create shared grocery lists.  Stay organized with less effort.  The app is available for download for iOS, Android and Webapp.