"Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers"

Our Active* Consent eLearning module, Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers, builds on topics explored in the Active* Consent online workshop to introduce a more nuanced understanding of sexual violence, harassment and support services available to students who have had negative sexual experiences. 

This module is directly informed by data from the Active* Consent and USI 2020 Sexual Experiences Survey (SES), which showed gaps in students’ understanding of consent that need to be addressed, such as

  • 29% of students agreed that there was not much they could do about sexual misconduct on their campus 

  • 60% of students were unaware of Sexual Assault Treatment Units in relation to college sexual misconduct responses

  • Approximately half of all students surveyed disagreed that they would know where to get help on campus in the event of sexual misconduct

How does the module work?

Our eLearning module brings users on a self-directed and gamified journey that closes potential gaps they may have in their knowledge about consent. 

Users immediately test new knowledge by applying it to fictionalised consent scenarios featuring a diverse range of relationships. Users are also asked to compare their own assumptions of students experiences of sexual violence and/or harassment (SVH) with current national statistics from the SES survey through frequent quizzes and polls. 

What does this module include?

Our eLearning module covers a wide range of topics including: 

  • The legal definition of consent, rape and sexual assault in Irish law

  • How external factors (gender roles, alcohol and drugs, etc) can impact our ability to communicate consent with our partners

  • Fictional consent scenarios featuring a diverse range of relationships 

  • How to be an Active* Bystander that intervenes to prevent SVH (sexual violence & harassment) from occurring

  • What to do if a close friend tells you about a negative sexual experience they have had

  • Interactive content (quizzes, polls, etc) that helps students develop a more nuanced understanding of consent & sexual violence 


How long does this module take?

Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. This includes the time taken to watch a variety of informative and engaging videos on topics like the legal definition of consent, and how gender roles can impact how we communicate consent with our partners. 


How can I access this module?

Our eLearning module is free for anyone to access here

To request a version for hosting on your college's unique virtual learning environment (Moodle, Blackboard, etc) or If you would like more information about our eLearning module, contact us activeconsent@nuigalway.ie