The Kinds of Sex You Might Have at College

This play is currently being reimagined as a theatrical film, to be released for the academic year 2021-2022.  To put your name on a waiting list to view the film at your college with a moderated online talkback with our team during your orientation, student event or as part of your module, email


The Kinds of Sex you Might have at College tour poster

The Kinds of Sex You Might Have At College is an original Active* Consent play about what you want, how you want it, if you want it and what happens when you don’t.
Performed by an energetic ensemble of actors, this theatrical performance brings you through a range of sketches about the kinds of sex you (might) have during your time at college.

Tackling experiences from all genders, all relationships and all sexualities (or as many of them as we could fit into one hour), The Kinds of Sex You Might Have At College combines humour, satire and drama to explore a diverse range of sexual experiences (some good, some GREAT, and some that could have been a lot better). 

This play gives students an opportunity to work through a more nuanced and thought-provoking discussion about sex and consent, without the anxiety of actively participating in it themselves. The Kinds of Sex You Might Have in College leaves students with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of sexual consent to apply to their future intimate encounters, if and when they choose to have them.  

Content warning: This performance contains language of a sexual nature and themes of sexual violence.


How long is the play?

  • 45-50 minute run-time

  • 20 minute talkback period after the play with members of the acting company and Active* Consent team (although students do not have to participate in the discussion if they do not want to). 

Does our institution need to have taken part in other Active* Consent interventions to book this play?

  • No, your students do not need to have participated in any other Active* Consent interventions - such as the Active* Consent workshop, or our eLearning module - for you to book a showing of our play. However, we do recommend that your students complete all aspects of the Active* Consent programme for a deeper and more holistic understanding of sexual consent. 

When does the play run?

  • Typically we are available to travel to your third-level Irish institutions between September-April of every academic year for a modest institutional subvention and audiences of 50+. However because of COVID-19 restrictions, we have been unable to tour our play over the last year. We are currently working on developing the play to be shown online, and we welcome future bookings of the play when it is safe to do so. 

To book a showing of our play, contact us here