About the Student Digital Pathways Programme

The Student Digital Pathways programme was established in December 2018 to fulfil the recommendations of the University to implement a new student record management solution as the current system can no longer meet University needs.

The programme has a core aim to review and improve the organisation, processes, underlying technology and data used to manage the students’ journey at NUI Galway – from recruitment to graduation.

Higher education has evolved to become more diversified and complex, therefore, it is important to ensure the University has the right solution for managing our students’ journey to maximise flexibility and also meet the digital needs of our students and staff.

The Student Digital Pathways team have taken a capabilities approach throughout the project to ensure focus on the best solution around our people, process and technology for University sustainability over the next ten years and beyond. 


The key objective of the programme is to deliver a solution that will enhance the student journey at NUI Galway and improve management, administration and processes around this journey for our academic and professional services colleagues. This will realise benefits for our University, students and staff. 


NUI Galway has become a client of EduCampus and has committed to their sectoral framework agreement awarded to DXC Technology for the design, implementation and ongoing support for a Student Record Management System (SRMS) using a suite of Ellucian technologies including Banner 9+.  

The Vision 

The Student Digital Pathways programme will transform University processes and IT with the implementation of Banner 9+ and additional new technologies.  Staff and students will have access to a single source of truth, primarily Banner 9+, for all student record administration.  The solution will be available across multiple platforms, mobile and desktop, for accessibility.  Banner 9+ will also realise change across circa 70+% oUniversity processes currently in place today.  

Stakeholder Engagement 

The programme involves significant investment for the University and relies upon our stakeholder’s engagement and commitment to effectively manage this change and deliver effective solutions to meet our staff and student needs.  The Student Digital Pathways has engaged with colleagues and students throughout the process.  We encourage staff and students to get involved and provide input and feedback to maximise project impact.  Information about the programme stakeholders can be found here.


The remainder of the programme will be delivered from July 2021 through to December 2023, starting with the planning and design of the solution technical architecture followed by multiple projects which will deliver on the requirements for the 12 capability areas. High level timeline information can be found here. More detailed information will be available at a later date.

The need for Input and participation from our staff and student community will grow from this point forward in advance of initial release of functionality in August 2022.  Information for engagement can be found here.


Project Advantages

Investing in a new student records solution now will bring significant advantages, helping us:

Understand the Capabilities (People/Process/Technology) needed over the next 10 years

Improve the administration of our students’ journey

Significantly reduce technical complexity and risk

Provide more flexible modes of learning

Understanding the Capabilities


The Student Digital Pathways project will affect staff across the University. We are committed to keeping you updated as the project progresses, and supporting you when it comes to implementing changes. In the meantime, if you have any queries you can email: studentdigitalpathways@nuigalway.ie