Scholarship for Non-EU Students not Eligible for Free Fees or for Fees at EU Rates

Funding is available from Galway University Foundation to fund a scholarship at NUI Galway, for a student from a non-EU country who has completed at least the final two years of their secondary school studies in Ireland, as evidenced by their enrolment in a post primary school recognised by the Department of Education and Skills for funding purposes, but who are not eligible for free fees or for fee at EU rates.

Note: Availability of the Scholarship in any particular year will be made known through notification to Principals of post primary schools recognised by the Department of Education and Skills for funding purposes

1. Eligibility

To be eligible for the award of the Scholarship the student must

(a) not be a citizen of an EU state
(b) be legally resident in Ireland
(c) be entitled to remain in Ireland for the duration of the programme which they propose to take
(d) have been offered a place on a fulltime undergraduate degree programme* at the University and have accepted that offer in accordance with the relevant procedures of the University and the Central Applications Office

The Scholarship may not be held with other Scholarship or Grant awarded by the University or by an external body.

*The Scholarship is not tenable on the MB, BCh, BAO programme related to the quotas in place for both EU and non-EU entrants to this programme

2. Value

The value of the Scholarship will be the annual fee chargeable to the student for the relevant programme less the Student Levy element of the fee

The Scholarship is payable for each year of the fulltime undergraduate degree programme for which the student registers. Fees will not be paid in respect of a repeat year.

3. Tenure

The Scholarship is tenable only at National University of Ireland, Galway in respect of the programme for which it is offered. It may not be transferred to any other programme.

The Scholarship is only available in the year in which it is offered. It may not be deferred.

4. Condition of Award

To register as a student of the University on the programme in respect of which the Scholarship is being awarded by the due registration date. Failure to complete the registration requirement by the due date will render the student ineligible without further notice.

5. Payment of the Scholarship

If the holder withdraws from the programme for which she/he has registered or fails to continue throughout the Session to meet the attendance and other requirements of the course, she/he will forfeit the Scholarship and will be required to repay to the whole or any part of the Scholarship as may be decided.

6. Basis of Award

6.1. The Scholarships will be awarded on the results in any one year of the Leaving Certificate Examination of the Department of Education and Skills.

6.2. The Scholarship will be awarded in accordance with the following Scheme:-

(i) Not more and not less than six of those subjects accepted by the National University of Ireland for matriculation registration will be taken into account.

(ii) Scores will be determined by applying values as follows: H1 = 100, H2 = 88, H3 = 77, H4 = 66, H5 = 56, H6 = 46, H7 = 37, H8 = 0 on higher level papers respectively and scores of O1 = 56, O2 = 46, O3 = 37, O4 = 28, O5 = 20, O6 = 12, O7 = 0 to results obtained on ordinary level papers. No bonus points will be added for any subjects.

In the event of there being a tie for the Scholarship the award will be determined by the inclusion in the computation of any bonus points awarded by the University in connection with a subject or subjects at the Leaving Certificate. In the event of there still being a tie the points achieved by the candidates in a seventh subject will be taken into account. In the event of there still being a tie the value of the Scholarship will be divided amongst the tied candidates.

7. Application Procedure

The call for applications will open on the 1st August and the closing date for receipt of applications is 5.15pm on the 31st August. Late applications will not be accepted.

Applications must be made via the online form available on the Admissions website.  The online application is now closed for 2018.

8. Procedure for Selection of Scholarship Student

The Scholarship will be administered by the Admissions Office, NUI Galway.

The Admissions Office will, following publication of the Leaving Certificate results, identify from amongst eligible applicants the applicant who has achieved the highest score in accordance with the scoring scheme at 6 above and who has been offered and accepted a Round 1 place on a fulltime undergraduate degree programme, other than the MB, BCh, BAO programme, in accordance with the acceptance procedures of the University and the CAO.

The applicant will be notified of her/his eligibility for the award and will be required to complete the registration procedures of the University by the due date and submit to the University, by a specified date, such other evidence of eligibility for the award as may be required by the University.

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