Creativity Zone

The Creativity Zone will showcase some of the most exciting work currently being done in the arts and humanities at NUI Galway. Daily performances will take place, featuring the best of the University's work in drama, the traditional arts, and other media. Interactive exhibitions will show how NUI Galway students and researchers are using technology to enhance our appreciation of the creative arts, history and many other fields. These and other exhibitions and special events will help to show how our university plays its part in making Galway Ireland's cultural capital!

So pay us a visit in the NUI Galway Pavilion to talk to the experts or view some fun creativity exhibits, including film sets, films from our Film School, a 'Words and Things' exhibit, an Irish Studies online course demo and a 'Wishes 4 Communities Tree'. Also, make sure you don't miss NUI Galway's Inmarsat Extreme Sports talk taking place on 5 July!

Druid Theatre    film.

Talks on Medieval and Modern Seafaring

 Wednesday 4 July, 6pm,

‘Medieval Irish Seafaring: realities and visions’

Speakers’ Corner, Global Village


Speaker: Prof. Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha, School of Humanities, NUIG.

Chair: Mary O’Malley, Poet.

Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha will speak on the endurance of medieval Irish seafarers,‌the sublime faith of those who sailed the Atlantic as Christian missioners, the visions and images that sustained them, and the iconic status of figures such as Brendan the Navigator.




 Thursday, 5 July, 6pm

‘“A Rí na Foidhne, glac iad ar láimh”: Ár mBáid Dúchais agus an tIascach”’

Speakers’ Corner, Global Village.


Cainteoir (i nGaeilge): An Dr Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh, Aircíví Sinsearach, Cnuasach Bhéaloideas Éireann, UCD.

Cathaoirleach: An Dr Pádraig Ó Héalaí, Scoláire Gaeilge agus Béaloidis.

Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh has published extensively on aspects of Irish oral literature, vernacular architecture, traditional boats and fishing, and the material culture of Atlantic island communities.  He is editor of the magnificent and monumental Traditional Boats in Ireland: History, Folklore and Construction (Cork 2008).  His talk, which will be in Irish, will focus on boats, fishing, and some of the associated beliefs and oral traditions of the west of Ireland.



 Friday 6 July, 6pm,

‘Science and the Age of Discovery: Spain, Portugal, and the International Atlantic in the 15th-16th Centuries’

Speakers’ Corner, Global Village

 Speaker: Dr Edward Collins, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville/UCD.

Chair: Dr Enrico Del Lago, Historian, NUIG.

Edward Collins’s talk will present an overview of the scientific aspects of the Portuguese and Spanish discoveries in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, particularly the role of international transfer of knowledge in the areas of cartography, cosmography and the piloting of ships in the Atlantic.  It will examine the importance of this transfer in advancing the scientific knowledge that propelled the expeditions of, among others, Prince Henry 'the navigator' in Portugal, and Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan in Spain.