Exploration Zone

Throughout the week, visitors to the exploration zone in the NUI Galway Pavilion will have a chance to get up close and personal with real live sea creatures, see microscopic plants (which look more like aliens!), catch up with frogs on Frog TV, find out all about seaweed and how we farm it, learn about the deep water coral reef off the west coast of Ireland, see video footage taken by a robot at the bottom of the ocean and get familiar with parasitic plants through the "latch on" ceramic art project.





Or, if you would like to learn all about stem cells and how they can be used to treat all kinds of different diseases, why not have a go at the Stem Cell Marble Game? This is an interactive game where participants take a marble through the differentiation pathway from a stem cell to specialised tissue types.

Also, on 7 July, 'Kitchen Chemistry' is coming to you for one day only, so if you especially like making slime and blowing up volcanos, this is the day for you! Of course, you will also have a chance to meet many of the marine scientists working at NUI Galway's Ryan Institute, who will be on hand to answer all of your questions.