About NUI Galway Youth Academy

Why come to the Youth Academy?

The Youth Academy at NUI Galway is a unique opportunity for primary school students to get experience of learning in a University. Students will be taught by engaging and friendly instructors who are experts in their subject areas. All courses are highly interactive and use a variety of teaching techniques to ensure students get the most out of their experience at NUI Galway. The courses we offer are outside of the primary school curriculum which allows students the opportunity to make new discoveries in different areas of study, in a fun and interactive way. The Youth Academy also enriches the school experience by enabling students to learn about new and exciting subjects.

Who can apply?

To attend our courses students need to show high academic ability in English or Maths in standardised tests (Drumcondra, Sigma or Micra T) carried out annually in schools. Eligibility is based on their most recent tests.

Students need to get one of the below results (schools give the results in different formats):

  • STen score of 9 or 10
  • Standardised score of 123 or above
  • Be in 95th percentile or above

These results are usually noted on your child's report card. Your school will also have the results of these tests and can tell you if your child is eligible to apply. You will need to submit proof of their test results to support their application


There are a number of different specially designed courses on offer for students to choose from.
Our courses range from IT to Italian, Psychology to Engineering and Mandarin to Physics. Examples of courses are listed on the course descriptions page. Students only participate in one of the courses for the duration of the six week programme. On the application form you will be asked to choose your top 3 subject choices in order of preference. There are a limited number of places in each of the courses (approx 12 people). Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your first choice of course. Some of the courses are extremely popular and fill very quickly. 

Fees and Scholarships

A fee of €95 for the virtual and €125 for the in-person summer camp applies . If you are successfully selected you will be contacted regarding fee payment afterwards.

Due to popular demand and limited number of places, not all applicants will receive a place. 

We have a limited number of scholarships, based on economic circumstance, available for students to attend the Youth Academy free of charge.

If you have a medial card you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Please apply via the online application form by uploading proof of your medical card details. You can take a photo/scan of your card and upload to the form. 25% of the total number of places we have on offer are allocated on a scholarship basis, so not all who apply for a scholarship will be successful. 

Application and Selection Process

Youth Academy typically attracts a high volume of applications each year and places are offered following a random selection process.  Once the application window closes our system will:

  1. Weigh all applicants equally and, via the application system, be assigned a random ranked position on the applicant list.
  2. From this ranked list of applicants, the system will begin to fill the places available in each of the courses available, starting with 1st preference course choice, followed by 2nd preference course choice, followed by 3rd preference course choice. The allocation process will continue to fill places on basis of 1) randomly assigned rank and 2) course selection and place availability.
  3.  Once all places are filled, all allocated applicants will be checked for eligibility

The random approach to the selection process means the following will not be taken into consideration in the allocation of places:

  1. The timing of applications within the open window. The timing of making an application is not relevant to the selection process (being the first to apply does not guarantees a place).
  2. Sibling applications. There is no guarantee that if two siblings in a family applied that they will both be accepted, even if the two applications are made at the same time.

 Further information on our application and section policy is available here: Application and Selection Policy


  • Youth Academy Brochure

    Youth Academy Brochure PDF (15.8 MB)

  • Acadamh na hÓige

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