Spring 2022 course information

Due to COVID-19 our Spring 2022 courses will be run online. We are disappointed to have to do this but the priority for the University is the health, safety and wellbeing of all our community. 

In order for your child to be able to take part in our programmes they will need access to a computer or laptop, with a working webcam and sound system (including microphone), along with an internet connection.

Format of Spring Courses

1. Pre-recorded videos: We will have pre-recorded lectures and video tutorials available for your child in advance of the weekly zoom calls. Your child must view and complete the various exercises/activities in their own time, before the weekly calls. 

2. Booklet: We will post a booklet to your child in advance of classes starting. This booklet will accompany the above videos and contain exercises/activities to be completed both at home and during the zoom calls. 

3. Weekly Zoom calls: As our courses are online our classes will be weekly Zoom calls with the instructor and fellow students. These calls will take place on Saturday's for the six week programme and last 80-90 minutes each. These calls will be interactive and there will be up to 12 students in each class.


We have a number of specially designed courses for your child to choose from. Full course descriptions are available here


The dates of our Spring courses are available here


Weekly Zoom calls

Option 1: 10.00am-11.20/11.30am

Option 2: 12.00pm-1.20/1.30pm


Our Spring 2022 six week programme will cost €110. This price includes the weekly zoom calls, pre-recorded videos and the booklet we will post to your child.

If you are successfully offered a place you will be contacted regarding fee payment afterwards. Due to popular demand and limited number of places, not all applicants will receive a place. 


We have a limited number of scholarships, based on economic circumstance, available for students to attend the Youth Academy free of charge.

If you have a medial card you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Please apply via the online application form by uploading proof (taking a photo or scan) of your medical card details. 

25% of the total number of places we have on offer are allocated on a scholarship basis, so not all who apply for a scholarship will be successful. 


Eligibility Requirements

To attend our courses students need to show high academic ability in English or Maths in standardised tests (Drumcondra, Sigma or Micra T) carried out annually in schools. Eligibility is based on their most recent tests

Students need to get one of the below results (schools give the results in different formats):

  • STen score of 9 or 10
  • Standardised score of 123 or above
  • Be in 95th percentile or above

Proof of your child's test result needs to be submitted along with their application. Test results can be found on your child's school report card. If they are not listed on the report card you can get them from your child's school.

These results must be uploaded to the application form. You can take a photo or scan of your child's report card/letter from your school, making sure your child's name and the result are clearly visible. Applications received without test results will be deemed incomplete. 


How to apply for our Spring courses

Our Spring 2022 courses are open to those who applied in Autumn 2021 but were not offered a place. 

Places will be allocated on a random selection basis. Our courses are heavily oversubscribed and not everyone that applies will be offered a place. 


  • Youth Academy Brochure

    Youth Academy Brochure PDF (15.8 MB)

  • Acadamh na hÓige

    Acadamh na hÓige pdf (1.34mb)