Romans & Celts: War & Peace

Sat, 10 May 2014 20:00:00 IST - Sat, 10 May 2014 21:30:00 IST, 20:00

At St Nicholas Collegiate Church

Organised by Medieval Studies and Galway Early Music

PART OF THE GALWAY EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL, MAY 8-11: Instruments and music of the Roman world and the Celtic world come together when the Romans and Celts meet in battle. A concert of three parts. Part 1: The Celts: Ancient Music Ireland & Friends The Celtic contribution is created around the great Irish legend ‘Táin Bó Fraích’. The story is enacted through music and song. Ancient horns, trumpets, carnyx, great sea shells, animal horns, bodhrán and flute are combined to celebrate the love story between Fraích and Findabair. Finally two Iron Age trumpet players prepare to join the Celts in their battle against theRomans. Part 2: The Romans: Ludi Scaenici As with the Celts, there is no written Roman music of the period, but a large number of instruments survive, as do texts describing them, their sound, and the events at which they were heard. Music for religious ritual, theatrical spectacle and war are the three areas that Ludi Scaenici explore in their section of the concert. Finale: The Battle: Ludi Scaenici, Ancient Music Ireland, Legion Ireland, Celts, narrators John Rogers and Jacopo Bisagni On one side, the Roman Army with horns used for giving orders, organised, disciplined. They clash their spears and swords against their shields and give the war cry as they march steadily towards the Celts. The Celts fill the air with the sound of their mighty trumpas and carnyx. Their champions stand to the front, challenging the Romans to single combat, but the Romans don't oblige. And so, with trumpas and carnyx blowing, they run forward, giving their war shout and banging their weapons against their shields. And so the Celts meet the Romans in Galway - but what will be the outcome? Come and see! Tickets: E15 / E12 concessions / E5 under 16s Information and Tickets:

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