Nov 21st Guest Emmet Sheerin

Nov 08 2019 Posted: 16:23 GMT

Huston Main Room , Thursday Nov 21st 3pm


Emmet Sheerin, Trócaire Campaigns Outreach Officer, will speak about his journey in writing and directing this documentary, as well as the communities affected by big business, and Trócaire’s campaign on Business and Human Rights. Emmet is a graduate of the MA in Public Advocacy and Activism

Some private companies are responsible for serious human rights violations, including threats and violent attacks on communities and individuals, known as human rights defenders. This short documentary by Trócaire examines such realities in Guatemala, one of the world’s most dangerous countries for human rights defenders. The film is linked to Trócaire’s campaign calling for an international treaty on Business and Human Rights.


Consuelo, Honduras, is refusing to back down against logging and mining companies that are exploiting her land.