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 The Placement Team interacts with business and industry to promote the NUI Galway Professional Experience Programme (PEP) for undergraduate students and the Graduate Experience Programme (GEP) for postgraduates. 

PEP/GEP is an integral module of a number of NUI Galway undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes.  This offers participating students an opportunity to avail of work experience relevant to their programme of study.

Students gain a practical appreciation of the needs and modus operandi of business and industry and they are given an opportunity to develop additional skills relevant in the workplace.  In the event that no external placement is available, PEP/GEP students will be given projects on campus by their Department.

NUI Galway Placement Courses and Dates

Undergraduate Courses

College of Engineering & Informatics

  • BE Biomedical Engineering (January-August)
  • BE Mechanical Engineering (January-August)
  • BE Energy Systems Engineering streams (April-August)
          Energy Systems with Civil Engineering
          Energy Systems with Mechanical Engineering
          Energy Systems with Electrical Engineering
  • BE Civil Engineering (April-August)
  • BE Electrical & Electronic Engineering (April-August)
  • BE Electronic & Computer Engineering (April-August)
  • BSc Computer Science & Information Technology (April-August)
  • BSc Project & Construction Management (April-August)

College of Science

  • BSc Health & Safety Systems (April-August)

 College of Business, Public Policy & Law

  • BSc Business Information Systems (January-August)

Postgraduate Courses

Collge of Business, Public Policy & Law 

  • Master of Business Studetn in E-Commerce (Graduates are available, each year, from June for six, nine or twelve month placements)
  • Masters Degree in Marketing Practice (October - July)


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T: 091 493646

Student Information

The Placement team co-ordinate and facilitate work placement opportunities for PEP and GEP students.

Staff of the Placement Office assist Undergraduate Students to acquire their Professional Experience Programme (PEP) and work with Postgraduate students to obtain their Graduate Experience Programme (GEP)

PEP/GEP  gives you an opportunity to gain relevant work experience as part of your course of study. Undergraduate engineering and information technology students are required to complete five months (April-August) in an industrial or business environment. This work-based learning programme is obligatory and failure to complete PEP satisfactorily may delay your graduation. GEP for postgraduate students takes place either during or following the postgraduate course of study. In the event that no external placement is available, PEP/GEP students will be given projects on campus by their Department. 

Placement Application 

Usefull link for students going overseas

EU Scholarship Portal

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T: 091 493646

What are the benefits to your company?

Placment ‌  

  • Foster links with NUI Galway   University
  • Early access to top talent

  • Raise your organisations profile

  • Provide your staff with valuable mentroing experience

  • Extra resources - ease the workload on experienced staff

  • Create future employee talent pipeline

  • Give feedback and influence course curricula

Next Step.........

Interested in supporting a PEP/GEP student

  • To facilitate the operation of the placement process, in particular our first come first served approach, we would like all companies to contact the Placement Office personnel directly (  and we will communicate with students and academic staff.
  • Forward a job specification, outlining the role and any special requirements relevant to the position, to the Placement Office, NUI Galway
  • Company selects the candidates for interview and forwards the shortlist to the Placement Office
  • Placement Officer contacts students and organises Interviews
  • Company updates Placement Office with selected candidate/s. Note it is recommended to give your candidate/s selection on the day of interview to ensure you get the candidate of your choice.
  • Placement is offered to the student and the company forwards a letter of offer or a company contract directly to the student or the Placement Office
  • Student/s commence their PEP/GEP on an agreed date

Company’s Commitment

  • Identify a suitable project or work area for the student within the company
  • Provide supervision and financial support for the duration of the PEP/GEP
  • Facilitate visit from PEP/GEP students’ Academic Supervisor/Placement Officer
  • Complete an Assessment Report on behalf of each student Endorse student’s Report/Presentation following completion of the PEP/GEP

NUI Galway’s commitment

  • Provide application form/curriculum vitae and organise interviews 
  • Shortlist candidates to company requirements
  • Monitor the student’s progress in liaison with the company
  • Encourage feedback from the participating company


Annette Dolan

Annette's profile photo

  Senior Placement Officer

  Telephone: 00353 91 493168 Ext:3168


  Area of support: Computer Science & Information Technology, Electronic & Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Find out more...

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald Placement Officer

Placement Officer

Telephone: 00353 91 492909 Ext: 2909


Area of support: Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering (Mech Eng Stream), Business Information Systems, MBS Ecommerce.    Find out more...


Caroline O'Farrell



   System Support Coordinator

   Telephone: 00353 91 495231 Ext: 5231


   Area of support: Placement system, Careers Connect.  Find out more...

Mairead Ledwith

Mairead Ledwith


Title: Administrative Assistant (Job-share) 

Telephone: 00353 91493646 Ext: 3646


Area of support: Professional Experience Programme Placement enquiries.  Find out more...

Ananda Geluk

Ananda Geluk


Administrative Assistant (Job-share) (On leave)

Telephone: 00353 91493646 Ext: 3646


Area of support: Professional Experience Programme Placement enquiries.  Find out more...

Undergraduate Courses offering PEP


The calibre of the applicants and the shortlisted interview panel from NUI Galway, as always, was exceptionally strong this year which bodes well for the future of the technology sector in Ireland and your future career.

Alan Fahey, SAP Ireland


"We have an excellent relationship with NUI Galway and recruit top class engineering software graduates into our Global R&D centre in Galway each year. Cisco also has a significant Intern placement program, sponsor final year and masters projects with NUIG and work closely on jointly funded research projects with DERI (The Digital Enterprise Research Institute)"

Nathan Shaughnessy Cisco Systems Ltd


 "OnePageCRM gives students the chance to put into practice the skills and expertise they've learned in college. We generally recruit students from IT / Electronic / Business related fields and feel the level of student participation taken to real life scenario's really is exceptionally high. They are driven, self-motivated with a hunger to succeed. These characteristics are hugely important especially in small-medium sized industries as they're exposed to all aspects of the business. They really do gain real life experience which is essential to kick starting their careers in their chosen field."


Carmel Granahan OnePageCRM