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Course Name
Applied Mathematics (Structured PhD)
Biochemistry (Structured PhD)
Bioinformatics (Structured PhD)
Biostatistics (Structured PhD)
Botany (Structured PhD)
Chemistry (Structured PhD)
Earth & Ocean Sciences (Structured PhD)
Mathematics (Structured PhD)
Marine Sciences (Structured PhD)
Microbiology (Structured PhD)
Physics (Structured PhD)
Statistics (Structured PhD)
Zoology (Structured PhD)
Biomedical Engineering Science (Structured PhD), full-time
Anatomy (Structured PhD), full-time
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Structured PhD)
Physiology (Structured PhD)
Chemistry (Structured Masters)
Key Enabling Technologies (Structured Masters)
Cancer (Structured Masters)
Plant & AgriBiosciences (Structured PhD)
AgriBiosciences (Structured Masters)—full-time and part-time
Cellular and Molecular Biology (Structured PhD)