BME Mathematics & Education Students Use IZAK9 Innovative Maths Resource

Mar 09 2018 Posted: 09:43 GMT

IZAK9 Combo

The Mathematics Methodology class, 2nd year BA Mathematics and Education along with the Professional Master of Education students had a workshop facilitated by IZAK9 recently.  Franz Schlindwein had an attentive audience and lots of interest!

IZAK9 is a unique innovative maths resource for active learning design by children in primary and post-primary schools. What the product provides is a physical resource which supports children and teachers in implementing new pedagogical approaches, supporting existing practice, and thus helps students and teachers better engage with the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The importance of experiencing a variety of mathematical methodologies and approaches enabling the teaching of mathematics is crucial for our pre-service teachers.  As Dr Cornelia Connolly explains the students, once again, experienced a variety of math question and tasks to pose in the classroom setting; dealing with math mistakes and understanding student thought process; encouraging communicating and collaboration on mathematical tasks!


Jim Lenaghan

School of Education

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