Ubuntu's Dialogue Day

Jun 08 2018 Posted: 16:31 IST

School of Education, NUI Galway, staff member, Dr Manuela Heinz was invited as a plenary speaker and panel discussant to Ubuntu's Dialogue Day which took place in UCC on 25th March 2018.

The Dialogue session focused on how Higher Education responds to issues related to development, e.g. equality, sustainability, migration, climate justice, and the role of initial teacher education in this regard.

The Ubuntu Network was established in 2006 to support the integration of Development Education into post-primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Ireland.  It seeks to ensure that education for justice, equality and sustainability are central to the experiences of student teachers and it encourages all educators to recognise and respond to the opportunities within education to transform society for the better. 

u-bun-tu is a sub-Saharan philosophy and way of life that emphasises co-operation, compassion, community and concern for the interests of the collective. 

Jim Lenaghan

School of Education

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