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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 - Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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Find out more about this exhibition at:

Event Time
Hardiman Building foyer

The focus of the seminar will be on second-generation Irish return migrants from England. These are the children of those who left Ireland in the 1950s and who, as adults, have chosen to ‘return’. Drawing on the recollections of a small number of returnees, my research examines their experience of return migration in terms of their feelings of belonging (or not) in Ireland. Having grown up in Irish families in England and having visited regularly throughout their lives, I argue that the desire to return was an aspect of the habitus of the second-generation Irish in England. However the experience of return and the challenges which the individuals describe in terms of achieving a sense of belonging highlights the mechanisms by which habitus changes and evolves and the significance of emotion in this process.

All are welcome to attend.

This is one of a series of seminars in the Whitaker Ideas Forum. For more information on our Whitaker Ideas Forum, and to look at other events hosted by the Whitaker Institute, please see our events page 

Event Time
CA110 (SAC Room), Cairnes Building
Whitaker Institute
Every week staff, students and members of the local community come together to practice mindfulness i.e. present moment awareness, without judgement. 


Sessions are led by staff, students and members of the community who have been practicing meditation for many years, though are not necessarily teachers of mindfulness.  So while these sessions do not include instruction in mindfulness, they are suitable for people with no previous knowledge of mindfulness as well as those who have been practising for many years. 

Event Time
AC202 Main Arts Concourse
Mindful Way @ NUI Galway
'Belmont House' by Aideen Monaghan: this exhibition of drawings & sketchbooks marks the culmination of Aideen's residency at the former Anatomy building, Belmont House, from May 2016 - August 2017.  With special thanks to Prof. Peter Dockery and all at Anatomy and the support of the university's Arts office.  October 15-26 (weekdays only) | 2.00pm - 6.00pm.  Free entry - all welcome.  Ramp and chair lift available.

Artist's statement: "I began my residency in the Anatomy Department on the 30th of May 2016.  I started by documenting various artifacts in the building through drawing.  These included beeswax models of the embryo and papier-mâché models of internal organs, which originated from the Auzouz factory in France.  I was also interested in the tension between the functional and historical elements of the building.  The lecture room predates the founding of the university.  It once formed part of a residence, Belmont house, which was owned by the Whalley family.  The front section of the house was demolished during the 1930s and was replaced by a flat roof building.  Renovations and adjustments have transformed the interior of the building since then.  However, cut stone passageways, which are now blocked up and redundant fireplaces are reminders of the past activities of the space.

I received generous assistance from Professor Peter Dockery and the staff of the Anatomy department.  I was also allowed access to the dissection room, histology slides and the process of their production.
The concept of making something invisible, visible, resonated with me, as the Anatomy department is a place that many generations have passed through and left their mark upon.  My work attempts to dissect the history of Belmont house and reveal the layers of human activity witnessed there".
Event Time
Art Gallery / An Dánlann, The Quadrangle
Arts Office

Merle Hilbk

Chernobyl mon amour.


Five months in the contaminated zone
Talk and Slideshow

Chernobyl – the nuclear power plant in Western Ukraine became a synonym for the horrors of the atomic age, but also for the power struggles of the Cold War between the two political blocks and their ideologies. The catastrophe of Chernobyl became one of the major turning points in European history. For the German author and journalist Merle Hilbk, Chernobyl became also a turning point in her life: She spent several months in Belarus and Ukraine and was determined to find out how life was going on within the exclusion zone. In a book about her visit she describes the encounters she had in one of the most bizarre territories in Europe and how they changed her understanding of the world.

All are welcome

                                                                        Sponsored by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Event Time
Moore Institute (GO10)
German, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures