Dr Charles O’Mahony, Head of School of Law‌Students choose to study law at university for many reasons. Some wish to pursue a professional career as a solicitor or barrister, others wish to keep options open by getting a valuable grounding in law or law and other disciplines. The broad range of options available to undergraduate and postgraduate students at our School provide a secure path to traditional law careers as well as other possibilities such as journalism, banking , human rights, accountancy, tax consultancy, lecturing and employment in the civil service and non-governmental organisations.

Employability is at the heart of our teaching mission. With that in mind we have developed an innovative and original programme of Clinical Legal Education through which students gain invaluable work experience and develop practical legal skills. Our graduates enjoy success at the highest levels in Ireland and abroad and we are immensely proud of their achievements as a testament to
the solid legal education that they received at NUI Galway.

Dr Charles O'Mahony
Head of School