The Centre for Antique, Medieval, and Pre-modern Studies at NUI Galway was created by colleagues in Archaeology, Classics, English, French, German, History, Irish, and Old and Middle Irish as an initiative operating under the aegis of the Moore Institute.

Primary goals

  • First, to help promote, support, and disseminate the research of its members in both individual and collaborative projects to the wider national and international academic community.
  • Second, to create an academic community committed to the highest standards of collegiality and research.
  • Third, to encourage and serve as a forum for outreach to the non-academic community.

In meeting each of these goals the Centre is responsible to the academic community at NUI Galway, to students at NUI Galway, and to the international academic community.

Research areas

The Centre’s research is focused on the following areas:

  • Editing theory and practice
  • Transmission and reception of texts
  • Languages and cultures in contact
  • Philology
  • Texts and manuscript culture
  • Gender and identity
  • Kingship, lordship, & society
  • Material culture
  • Historiography
  • Place-making

CAMPS Research Labs

CAMPS Research Labs provide a forum for staff and graduate students from all disciplines involved to come together in order to present work-in-progress and debate research issues. CAMPS Labs to date have taken a two-hour format, typically initiated with a presentation of specific research themes, questions and challenges, leading into informal and often very wide-ranging discussions.

See our current schedule and Research Labs Archive.

CAMPS Committee

Newsletter and Facebook

To subscribe to our CAMPS newsletter (with details of upcoming events of interest to members), just send a blank e-mail to:

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