Course available for visiting Italian Students:

The selection of courses on offer by the Discipline of Italian can be found in the Visiting Student Booklet  (available for each semester).    Visiting students interested in finding out about Italian courses on offer should consult the following link which includes information on course content and the hours involved:

Information for Erasmus Students 2021  (Beginners)

If interested in a level other than Beginners, please email: for more information/advice.  Please give details of previous study of Italian at high school/university in order for us to be in a better position to advise you.

Visiting ERASMUS Students from Italy can take part in the following Tandem Language Exchange, Translation and Intercultural Communication course which takes place in Semester 2: Wednesdays at 9am  (venue to be confirmed).  The course code is IT237 Applied Language Skills and it is worth 5 ECTS.

Ogni anno il Dipartimento di Italiano accoglie circa 40 studenti ERASMUS provenienti dall'Italia. Per informazioni sui corsi che potete seguire presso l'Università di Galway, consultate il Visiting Student Booklet pubblicato ogni semestre dal College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies.

Presso il Dipartimento di italiano gli studenti ERASMUS possono seguire corsi di lingua, letteratura e cultura, ma agli studenti di madre lingua italiana provenienti dall'Italia non è permesso di seguire corsi di lingua.

Per informazioni più dettagliate relative ai corsi offerti dal Dipartimento di Inglese e di Storia, visitate i loro siti web:

Nel sito web dell'International Affairs Office potete trovare informazioni pratiche relative alla sistemazione e all'alloggio a Galway.

Altri siti utili su Galway:

Information for Visiting Students who have not studied Italian before


The course, open to all students, both beginners and non-beginners, focuses on the four main language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) using regular practice based, as much as possible, on authentic material carefully selected to provide a gradual introduction to the structures and functions of the language.  Students will achieve a good level of fluency by the end of the year to enable them to cope with everyday situations in Italy.  Students will also be offered additional tuition in the multi-media labs and revision classes are organized during the year to help students learning a new language.


This course is designed to give students an idea of some of the main trends in Italian history, society and culture.  It gives students a better understanding of the country behind the Italian language and gives a context to many issues students will encounter in Italian society today.